Friday, January 30, 2009

Brem Mall

Today is 5th day of CNY. Me and my parents went to Brem Mall for lunch and walk around there for the sake of "killing time" is the 3rd times i went this mall. it wasn't as populor as times square or pavillion, but it wasn't a bad mall. It features alot restaurant at lower ground and a digital mall on 3rd floor. Meanwhile, it provided bowling center known as Ibowl on 5th floor and a cinema on 6th floor.
* Decoration on main entrance *
* Inner decoration *
* Stage decoration...swt, so many ox around *
We get our lunch at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng today. Included today, it was my 4th times to eat in this restaurant. Well, it reli never fail me =D.
* Horlick cost RM2.80 *
* HK Dry style hand made noodle with honey chicken cost RM9.30 *

Well, i am still on CNY hols. So boring! Nth to do in house and i am lz too to do my assign..sigh..tmrw i am going Pn Chew house. Hopefully i have a safe journey because i reli dunno how to drive to cheras area and Pn Chew house..hahahaha..hopefully tmrw got photo to update here =D