Sunday, January 18, 2009

100th post SPECIAL EDITION : CNY 1st Reunion Dinner

Today all my family (my mum side) have a very first CNY reunion dinner. Since my granma went to NZ last year, she will absent for this year CNY. then my 2nd uncle will going vacation at Europe wif his whole family for 2 weeks in this coming CNY. tats mean v only manage to gather together after CNY over. because of this reason, all of us having a very early reunion dinner on today.

so this afternoon my dad fetch us to kepong for dinner. when we pass by Brem Mall, we saw 988 was having event. i guess they are doing rehersal now and the event is going on by tonite. well, guarentee pack wif ppl la tonite.

after get our lunch, my dad went to bought "yee sang", roasted duck and some others food to bring to my uncle house for dinner. FYI, my uncle house was located at rawang, stay together wif my granma. We reach rawang around 1500 hours. At the instant i entered the house, i notice a very cute and adoreable schnauzer rare by my uncle. it have been almost half year i din come tats y i dunno he was raring a dog. The dog name was Prince, lol...but he reli cute anbd adoreable! he wasn't scare stranger and kinda like stick wif me.

after a while we hang at uncle house, we went to granpa graveyard. It have been 2 years since he pass away and actually it was my 1st time visit his graveyard...sigh..seem i m a bad grandchildren..

after finish visiting my granpa graveyard, we went back to uncle house. b4 the dinner redi, i randoming took some pics around the house. well, serious i very envy them living in a big and beautiful hope i could own this kind house in d future. i'll work hard for it.

* A mini pool at garden *

* In the pool was a very big Koi Fish *

* Another aquarium inside house *

* Not forget to camwhore too XD *

so finally dinner time around 1800 hours! some1 brought red wine as well (i dunno who) and my uncle asked me wan onot. Without thinking i answer "sure" a result i drank 3 glasses of red wine. heh i guess i kinda good in this stuff. i wasn't drunk yet and not even feel any heat or sweat coming our from my

* Time for dinner *

* 5 glasses and a red wine! *wink* =) *

* Yee Sang *

* Our dinner menu *

* Lou Sang!! *

* My red wine. *Wink* =) *

an hours after dinner, is cake time! lol..FYI, 15th jan is my sis birthday and 19th jan is my cousin birthday. both of them born on same years. tat y we make d celebration on the same day.

besides, i got my very first ang pao from of my auntie's!In addition, this is my 100th post for my blog! cheerss! hopefully i have more time to blog my blog =)