Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY day 3!! AAA houses!

Totally no pics for today event,sigh..kinda sad to figure out my friends dun like take pic and they tod i felt myself look good/photoghenic tats y i love to take pics..sigh..
* Did i look photoghenic? lol *

anyway today was d day where me and my friends rumble around setapak area. this morning joe went my houe and i fetch him and ryan to tee house. When i reach, i saw teoh and andrea already reached followed by yvonne and sooyan and later yong and peigee. i gamble 2~3 round in his house then went down for lunch adi. later kavia reach tee house too and get his lunch as well. after that, danny came and fetch yvonne and sooyan to Peiying open, she din invite me..sad case..around 12pm+, we move to yong house. inside his house, we keep gambling none stop for almost 1 hours+.

after that we move to teoh house. when we just about to start next round on gambling, my dear called me from JPJ. so i went to JPJ to fetch her to teoh house. after gamble for almost another an hours in teoh house, my mum called me. so out next destination, my house! they all went to my house 1st while i went to fetch nikita to my house. oh well, once all reach my house, i know i'll become host. i lost around RM70+ todays in gambling...sigh, luck reli not aside me when i m in my own house..sad case

around 6pm+, we all decided to move to ryan house. before that, i fetched my dear back to her house while teoh fetch andrea (his gf) back too. after that i drove alone to ryan house. ryan house just renovated and it look super huge! and nice of coz! hahaha...we did not gamble in ryan house..juz sitting around and playing his PS2.

* Nikita challenging yong in Marvels VS Capcom 2 *

* Ryan doggie, Ruby (Pomerian breed) *

so thats all our "rampage" around setapak area. It have been almost a tradition to all of us since v did it every year CNY..hehe..wish next year CNY we could gather more ppl..tmrw if everything goes well, i am going out dating wif my dear. hope i could spend all quality moment wif her since she'll going back malacca on this fri..sigh..i reli do miss her so much