Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cookies for CNY!

today was totally a bad day for me! my class was on 0900 till 1030. i reached Tasik Selatan station on 8am and guess what? i miss 4 UCSI shutters in a row. i wonder why so many foreigner student today for a sudden and when d bus reach, they nv queue up and juz bang their butt into d bus. they cause me unable to get in d bus due to full adi. it reli pissed me off until d 5th sutter bus arrive on 0930..i reach uni at 0945. late for 45 min >,<....sigh...it was my 1st time being late on class..usually i m super over punctual..haihz..i guess i need go out more early next time. besides, i hate those foreigner student who dun have courtesy =( p/s : miss 4 shutters in a row? perhaps is tat a hints from GOD for lottery num? lol

Anyway, back to my main topic. i help kah yoke to promote her cookie for CNY. CNY coming soon, wonder what food u have miss? wonder where u can get cheap and tasty food? here is ur chance now! Grab this oppurtunity and get it from my friend! check it out from the pic.

For further info, click http://frailwingsofvanity.blogspot.com/2009/01/desperate-for-some-pls.html and get pre-order from her!


Baby said...

will visit the given url in a short while

Jackie Loi said...

okie dokie..thx for ya support =)