Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Designing still go on!

oh yeah! Finally i able to enroll for my degree sub this sem! Hooray! i m taking 5 subjects=16! However today i went uni for malaysian studies class. Joe fetch me in d early morning and it wask freaking jam! from MRR2 until Jalan Ampang! Wow! both of us stuck in jam for more than 30 as result v late for d class.

Malaysian Studies huh? finally i understand why everyone said boring! not d sub itself boring but d lecturer! My malaysian studies lecturer was Ms/Mrs Rabiha. OMG! D way she speak was slow...soft...bored...she cause me wanna sleep -,-..worst to worst was today 1st chapter was about malacca history. i think i rather dig back my form 3 history book and study myself than listen to her..d most funny thing was she told us some term kenot b change to english. for eg Hukum Kanun Melaka & Undang-undang Laut Melaka. But then she told us no BM term during WTF? how are v suppose to write Undang-undang Laut Melaka in eng? Law-law Sea Malacca? hahaha..i wonder how long i can bear this class..god bless me.

after finish malaysian studies class,i rush back home to continue the database for database almost complete. i think i can increase my efficiency if my laptop not in "fishy life" condition..sigh..since my laptop like want to die adi but kenot die, i hardly use photoshop. it was so damn hang! so being no choice i asked nikita to borrow me her computer to use photoshop, here my journey to her house today.

so how my parking? improve alot adi rite compare to last time 1st time i drove? XD..wun accident de la...choi!! so i went her house...use her work work...after few hours sruggle, finally d design and overall database 90% complete! hahaha..i guess by tmrw i can done i m reli lz to do my work..sigh..

so i would like to share wif u guys my kayout for d database. i guess i'll show d whole system by tmrw..hehe

oh by d way, i went to nescafe kickstart and found 1 funny guy wif his funny business plan and it cause me felt his business plan freaking funny..hahaha..check it out!

kcloh87 : Chicken Pie and "Tong shui" Eatery

The business I am going to do is to sell wide variety of pies and tong shui (a Chinese sweet soup-based dessert) in a shop. Besides selling in-house, we also offer free delivery to our customers, but with a minimum purchase. The pies I will be selling includes chicken pie, apple pie, pineapple pie, blue berry pie, vegetarian pie and many more. While the ‘tong shui’ includes gandum, ang tau th’ng (red bean soup), thor tau jin th’ng (sweet peanut soup), bee koh moay (black glutinous rice), lek tau moi (green bean soup), bubur cha cha (sweet potato soup with coconut milk) and ubi sago (peanut soup with sago).All the foods we sell are Halal, so it’s safe for the Malays to eat. The reason why I choose to set up a restaurant selling pies and ‘tong shui’ is because my shop will be the first shop in Penang to sell pies as the core business. ‘Tong shui’ is one of the Chinese favorite desserts and it usually can only be found at roadside stalls in Penang where hygiene could be a concern. So in my shop customers can sit and relax and enjoy their dessert and pies, as a snack or a meal, in a clean and comfortable environment. Besides, the pies could act as a break time snack for office workers. It could serve as an addition to tea parties, or as a main meal. It could also serve as a hearty lunch, especially as a good takeaway when one is rushing a project or work...[Read More]