Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home! I am Back!

hey peep! i am back from seremban! Muahahha! so how's everyone CNY? i hope nice..same goes to me..i never expect to hold poker for d whole 2 days..lol..my sis keep pulling me to play wif her..well din reli gamble..but still fun playing wif my cousin around. My cousin (jia long) going to marry this year march..lol, seen his gf for few times adi..n finally they getting marry, congratulation! haha..well, not reli in mood to blogging..so here some short summary on my CNY celebration at Seremban.

Day 30 Night

Reach my granma house around afternoon. Went to get lunch at my granpa shop then started to play poker. At night itself, we walked at jaya jusco to have our dinner and shop a while..nth much interesting since alot shop din open. At the night itself, all of us keep playing Cho Di and black jack. Besides, it was my 1st time sleep in same room with my cousin..lol..usually i sleep wif my family or alone in a room when v in granma house.

* Swing that i used to play last time =) *

* Me on the swing *

* Small kitty in my granpa shop *

Day 1

Well, basically every1 did d same thing. Went to wishes all my relative and granma, get ang pao. Dad brought us around Seremban as a tour. Went to Green Box as well in Jaya jusco but, d service totally sucks as usual..lol, what am i expecting? lol
get our dinner at A&W. Seriously it was reli rare to c A&W in KL (except KLCC, i wonder is d shop still there?). All of us ate Double Fortune Burger coz from the illustrator, it look so damn thick and big! when when we bought..sigh, disappointed..after that we went to shopping again in Jaya Jusco. My mum bought a new cupboard for sis room..lol..at night itself, again we play card wif cousin..no gambling again..bored

* Me on 1st day of CNY *

* Gambling! lol *

* Green Box *

* Seremban Jusco Decoration *

* Seremban Jusco Performances *

* Seremban Jusco Performances *

* opss! been caugth sleep in car. Without seat belt summor *

Day 2

nth much special. Busy packing and get redi back to KL. my both granma and granpa going to holidat at vietnam. All my cousin is getting ready to back to singapore as well. same to us who getting redi to back KL. so we have our lunch together and head back to granma house for continue packing. I reach back kl around 1430 hours..WEE! FInally! Home Sweet Home! I miss to on9 so much! Besides, manage to finished play 2 NDS game. Dino Tournoment Championship and Summon Night 2 : Twins Age! Muahaha

tomorrow i have few plans wif my freind. hopefully every plan goes well! =)