Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am no longer happy™ :(

Anyone see the logo before? i bet u guys yes if u r malaysian! it was happy™ :) operator that launched last year jan. i still remember i went to Giant wif my dear to purchase this simpack and we have a very nice,lovely and sweet couple num. So the question is, why i puchase happy™ :)? what will make u happy™ :)? is d calling rate actually!

RM0.01/second. Max up to 45 min and RM0.99 (in other word if u chat until 45 min it only cost Rm0.99). is apply to all network.

so izzit fantastic? izzit nice? izzit d world best network for couple like me? imagine i just call my dear for 1.5 hours. it only consume me rounded RM2!! is so damn cheap!!

Yesterday night i call my dear wif happy and it reli surprice me! our conversation was cut off after we chat for around 26 min. then i check my happy™ just left 7 cent? as i recall my creadit was around RM4++ last 2 days. so i call back my dear wif my another num. She ask me what happen and i said i dunno. so i go dial *126# and...surpricingly! they show my last call cost : RM4++...!!! WTF! D most expensive figure i ever seen appear in my screen...!!
* RM4.62! WTF! *
* Just for 00:26:01 *

So why i m not happy now eventhough i m using happy™ :)? FYI, they having upagrade in this 2 days and they wanna come out a new plan. i tod "ok fine..great! cool.nice new plan! would it make me happier?"

u see!they said will keep me happy! but why!! why they fail to do so!! they came out wif new tariff plan and..and..and...........sobb sobbbbbb!!

* Say hello to our brand new talktime rates! talk all you wan at just RM0.99 for HAPPY-to-HAPPY calles from 9am-5pm. What's more calls to all networks nationwide also cost RM0.99 for the first 15 minutes and RM0.33 thereafter. Be Happy! *
"How am i suppose to happy with this rate? from 9am~5pm only? summor happy-to-happy only?!Nooooo!!!! i only have time to chat wif my dear at nite as u all know both of us busy with our study =( "

* noo!!...dont show me anymore >,< *
* NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I gonna throw d simcard!!! *

from today onward, me n my dear decided to leave happy™ :) because d new calling rate causes us no longer happy™ :(......sigh...we cant "Pou Tin Wa Chuk" (Cook porridge phone) adi =(

i feel like shouting now! "Ba wo de kuai le huan gei wo!!!" (Return my happy™-ness!!)