Monday, January 19, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade! Henshin!

Kamen Rider Kiva already ended! "WHAT!? Since when!?", said by KR fans who din realise Kiva adi end yesterday with 48 ep. So, as a fans for Kamen Rider, i knew all of u cant wait for the new rider appear, Kamen Rider Decade!

I know alot information have been leaked at past few months but i would like to compile all in my post now,hehe.

General Info on Decade:

January 25th at 8.00 a.m. (Japanese air time), the date for the new season Kamen Rider DCD starts, leaving KIVA with 48 episodes. Here is the official synopsis.

The end of the world is near… The dimensional barrier that separates the 10 Earths is beginning to collapse. The 10 Earths are now merging. But the pressure is too strong, the worlds are destroying themselves.

The creatures causing the destruction of the worlds enter in contact with the super-heroes that defended their Earth before, and steak their powers. Their only hope is a young boy from the 10th parallel world, he must become the Rider that unites the powers of the 10 Riders form the parallel worlds !

So, interesting detail, all the seasons of Kamen Rider happened in parallel universes. Except maybe DEN-O and KIVA because they met once…

Now precisions on the DKD Driver. You’ll have to rotate the buckle to insert the card and then replace it to activate it. The Driver will say : Attack Ride, Form Ride, Final Attack Ride, Final Form Ride, etc… And it seems you have to insert the card on backward to activate the final attack. The card binder is called RideBooker.

Tsukasa Kadoya :

Tsukasa Kadoya (門矢 士, Kadoya Tsukasa, portrayed by Masahiro Inoue) is a hypocritical and self-righteous young man who does not know much about his past and has the ability to transform into Kamen Rider Decade. As a photographer, he uses the Hikari family's print shop to develop his photos, but his photographs never develop well. He learns that this is because of his world being supplanted by the worlds of the other nine Kamen Riders.

Kamen Rider Decade Info :

Kamen Rider Decade

* Rider height: 192cm
* Rider weight: 83kg
* Ability perimeters
o Punching power: 4t
o Normal kicking power: 8t
o Maximum jump height: 25m
o Maximum running speed: 100m/6s

It is not known if Decade, like several Kamen Riders before him, has alternate forms. It is known that Decade has the ability to transform into previous Riders through the use of the Rider Cards.

Equipment :


Tsukasa transforms into the striped shield bug-like Kamen Rider Decade through the use of the 'Decadriver (ディケイドライバー, Dikeidoraibā) belt. Through the use of various Rider Cards (ライダーカード, Raidā Kādo), Decade can transform into any of the main Heisei Kamen Riders using the command "Kamen Ride" (「カメンライド」, "Kamen Raido"). Using the command "Attack Ride" (「アタックライド」, "Atakku Raido"), Decade can use the other Riders' powers.

Ride Booker

Decade's primary weapon is the 'Ride Booker (ライドブッカー, Raido Bukkā) which has three modes: Book Mode (ブックモード, Bukku Mōdo), Gun Mode (ガンモード, Gan Mōdo), and Sword Mode (ソードモード, Sōdo Mōdo). While in Book Mode, the Ride Booker holds the Rider Cards that Decade uses in his transformations and attacks, such as the Attack Ride Card (アタックライドカード, Atakku Raido Kādo). In Sword Mode, the Ride Booker's finishing move is the Decade Slash (ディケイドスラッシュ, Dikeido Surasshu). In Gun Mode, the Ride Booker's finishing move is the Decade Blast (ディケイドブラスト, Dikeido Burasuto).

Machine Decader

* Length: 2320mm
* Width: 835mm
* Height: 1155mm
* Top speed: 350km/h

Decade's bike is called the Machine Decader (マシンディケイダー, Mashin Dikeidā).

Info on the rumored second Rider from Decade:

Little news about Kamen Rider DCD’s 2nd Rider... he would be called Kamen Rider CRISIS and his Belt is called the "CrisisDriver".

For the greatest pleasure of the secondary characters’ fans, our CRISIS can transform into Kamen Rider G3, KNIGHT, KAIXA, GARREN, IBUKI, GATACK, ZERONOS and IXA.


Opening theme

* "Journey through the Decade"
o Artist: Gackt

Gackt will be performing Decade’s theme song. It’s called “Journey through the Decade”. Since 2007 we’ve gotten more famous bands to sing the theme (AAA and Tourbillon) and now Gackt. This is certainly good news for Kamen Rider fans even if you dislike Gackt. He’s a huge star in Japan and other parts of the world.
More Pictures of Decade :

Decade episode 1-4 spoilers:

Episode 1

At the Hikari Photo-Studio, a photograph representing another world begins to distort. This photograph is in fact the doorway to another dimension, the KUUGA World. Natsumi Hikari, the grand-daughter of the Photo-Studio’s manager, and Tsukasa Kadoya, a boy chosen to become Kamen Rider DECADE, meets another young man named Yuusuke Onodera and his helper, a detective named Ai Yashiro. With the powers of Kamen Rider KUUGA, Yuusuke dedicated his life to fight against the Grongis.

Episode 2

In the KUUGA World, N-Kamio Zeda begins his "Gegeru" (Game in Grongi language). Yashiro meets a man in disguise who seems to be Kamio.

Episode 3

Kamio’s Gegeru fails due to Tsukasa's strategy. So, Kamio swears to take revenge upon Kamen Rider DECADE. Meanwhile, a mysterious man tells Yuusuke to quickly find the entrance to the next world, because Natsumi’s dream has begun to come true, the worlds are starting to merge and collapse...

Episode 4

A mysterious being followed Tsukasa and Natsumi in the AGITO World. In fact, it’s an Unknown. Kamen Rider AGITO shows up to save them. In truth, he’s the chef of the Restaurant Agito.

Official Promo :


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