Thursday, January 01, 2009

Me & Myself in year 2009

Happy New Year 2009

so what my new year resolution for this year? hmmm..actually i nv tod much about it. i try to list it down 1 by 1

Remember to alwiz buckle my belt my when i sit at back. It have been officially since today, so dear malaysia reader, pls remember to do so unless u wanna get summon RM300 per head for those who did not do so.

Study hard for my subject. Must achieve at least 80% and above in order i can join president award in my uni =D * wink wink *

IXAcise! opss..i mean Exercise! i must exercise this year! Hopefully i can have body shape like wilber pan XD..i like his hairstyle too =P

Love my darling! This alwiz apply anyway

must finish my fiction by this year! what fiction? stay tune! I promise i'll post it here as soon as i m done =P

must get DSLR eventhough i not sure what model i wan yet. Besides,hopefully can learn some proffesional skill

Get high performance CPU! This is a must for me to use 3D Software. Go go!

Get to drive to uni! I am sick travelling wif public transport. but i guess this will nv happen =(

Change new layout for my blog once it reach 1st anniversary! weee!

well tats all in my mind now. and wow! So coincidence i have 9 resolutions! it reli suite year 2009,hahaha...hope everyone dreams, wishes & resolutions come true this year!

Happy 2009 years! Welcome to the world!

p/s : oppss! this year i m officially 21 years old, an adult! lol...!! should i go genting to gamble? *wink wink =)*


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