Friday, January 09, 2009

MSN 2009 review

I saw Nikita was using new MSN version that day when i went her house. My first impression on d msn was "ewww! Why display pic at left side 1? all msg stack under 1 name..aiyoyo"...but then coicidencely yesterday i reveive an email from msn stuff, asking me to dl new version of msn. i knew soon or later i need to upgrade new version, so i dl it. i today only install d new version.hmm, use for whole day adi..kinda ok..hehe..lets review =)

* Installing =) *

* Shockly this new version doesnt create shortcut to desktop *

* New interface *

* Signing in *

* The first scene i saw immidiately i signed in was 4 category, Favorites,Groups.Available (On9) and Offline. You can remove Favorites & Groups on the setting *

* The difference icon color means difference user status. It can be change on the setting from icon to pics *

* The latest thing on MSN 2009 was enale user to change scene (something like skin for msn) *

* A navigation appear automatically ask soon as cursor move to contact *

* Finally a conversation box! All the message stack under 1 name like facebook chatbox. Besides, the pic shift to left side *

* Finally status. Only 4 status available on this version *

besides, i think this version doesnt't compatible with MSN PLUS. So no more colorful font on name..sigh..however so far so good for me using this new ver =). for anyone who wanted to use this version, u can download at here.

today i sent the database to Nikita. FInally my work done and waiting for payment frm week my class officially start. time to move on and work harder than previous sem. Ganbateh Jackie!