Monday, January 12, 2009

My first day as Degree Student!

Finally, an official week where all my class started! This morning i m having malaysian studies bored..she talking about all d moment when british conquer malacca and resident system on 4 states. Itw as totally bored to me coz all this thing i have learn during f3~f5 eventhough i knew i adi forget it. think about it, if consider SPM, it have been 3 years + since i din study history..oh well...god bless me

after malaysian studies class, supposely Art History class but Ms Anida it cause me have to wait until 1pm for visual com start. how m i suppose to kill my time? i run here and there and finally i went to on9 at library as long as get proxy server address so tat i can use UCSI wifi on my hp.

after time strike 1pm, i went to visual com classes along wif suli. oh well visual com is a class that about design.everything about design. and this subject v joint class with mass com student.oh well, majority are mass com student except me,suli n usaid from 3d animation. so guess what? do u think design is a prob for 3 of us? HELL NO! i have confident on myself! d class was started since last week actually but i din attend. last week Ms Shafida, visual com lecturer already gave them a task. she required each group brought 2 type of design which is good n bad design to compare. since is a comparison, of coz v r going to use same product but difference design rite? but what i see today is totally a mess..mostly all group use dif product to compare each other. what i found out great about mass com student was they are great wif their bladiful,oppps..wonderful english. yea i do agree they are great in speaking and debating. but hello! here is design class! not english class nor debating class..whats d point talking until d design was heavenly great but in fact no point at all? what do i mean was, they are reli great in promoting and presenting the good design (they consider their own tat design was good wif their lousy point of design view) wif their beautiful, bombastic and excellent english. but so what? in d point of view design, they actually was crapping! no point at all..haha..oh well, at least tats what 3 of us from 3d department think so.

besides, in d class there was a guy who tod he knew design thingy and showing off his skill. but in my opinion he juz "sik siu siu hai dou bai doi piu"..mean know abit thing only but wanna show off as if he very good on it...tat bastard,i mean tat guy keep criticize ppl point of view and as if his point of view are alwiz right. so in my mind tat time was "stupid. i bet when u go out later u'll get insult from everyone" god bless him, every1 was shooting him until he totally speechless..but then i dun reli some student who seem like know alot about design but in fact they just crapping around..manipulate wif thier bladiful language..too bad, it wun work against us who reli knew what design was..hahaha

oh well, tats all my class today. besides, i m having class on mon till 5 subs! lol..hopefully i can go throught this sem wif passing marks on my result. It was a beginning of my life and i am 1 step ahead to achieve my future. Jia you jackie!!

besides, this morning when i am packing my bag, i found a biscuit. i was thinking so hard who gave it to me. at 1st i tod sooyan but after think for few more mins, oppss! it was actually from nikita when i went her house b4 new year..haha..keep inside my bag for so long adi..

thx for d biscuit!