Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My life as designer not over yet!

Eventhough i have join and study for 3d animation now,however my passion and curiousity on graphic designing still havent die! I wish i could be multitask person in future which is 3D Animator (Main), web designer, graphic designer, Database Designer and maybe Photographer. Last week i done a simple design for suyin for her mum company. it was a CNY notice i suppose..lol

besides,currently i m helping Nikita designing a database system for SONShine Kids Club. I'll post up the screenshot of it once i done. Currently was at 80% complete..haha

I believe some of u have notice my blog look simple. yea rite, why do i need complicated blog layout? sometime simple make things beautiful. In addition, my blog was featured (by myself,hahaha) a link in form of tag/button/image or whatever u called,haha. Since i m free today, i modify some pic and added new friends blog link. Check it out my design =)

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Well, i hope i could improve more my skill though i m majoring in 3D Animation now. Besides, my laptop begin to showing some dying signal..sigh..i wish i could get a new one but..i reli need alot $$ for this year for other purposes..i guess i gonna get a secondhand laptop/desktop just for on9 and do minor work purposes..any recommendation?


3 [V] a said...

jackie, why do you need a lot of money? getting marry? :P

Jackie Loi said...

lol....marry ah...few years later la not now..haha..need money for gadgets lo..new pc, new cam..lol