Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mysterious? not really

A bunch of update again for this few days. My streamyx connection was pretty unstable this few days. sigh, i have d tougher experience in my life T__T

Yesterday was having malaysian studies class. finally i meet all my groupmate (i guess) and after some add and throw, throw and add process, finally each group got 7 members and joe was added into my groups. it makes my group got 2 guys and 5 a huge num..who is d leader? i guess is nicol! since her name was 1st in d form, hahahaha

after my malaysian studies, i went to cybercafe to kill my time (my malaysian studies end at 9.30am and my next class was on 1pm). i on9 at there and facebooking since i unable to do tat in my house due to the stupid streamyx problem. After one hours plus surfing web in there, i ran away because beh-tahan those ppl who playing dotA at there shouting to each i went to library and accidently met yong there. he was discussing assignment wif his groupmate. so i went to chat wif him and suddenly one of his friend from nowhere appear and chat wif me. his name is paul and juz a few chat only he asked my phone num adi (wah seh! i wonder is tat his skill to kao lui XD).

after a moment chatting in library, 3 of us went to block B canteen for lunch. i bump kwong fei at there. he was eating wif his friends. something really funny happen when we meet each other.

KF : Hey! Finally i meet u in uni! Come come i belanja u. Eat here cheaper.

FIY he owe me a meal..haha

Me : Isk! Dowan la..i wan a bigger meal XD
KF : nvm la..i belanja here la..cheaper ma..lai lai

so being under "pressure", i choose a black pepper lou shi fun at there, RM3.80.

KF : Ok what drinks u wan? order drink also la.
Me : No need la. i dowan any drinks.
KF : aiya just order la!
Me : Ok la..

i look at d menu..finally i choose a Teh-O ice cost RM1. but he said...

"Aiyo! Rm1 so cheap only meh? order others drink la"

i stare at d stall auntie. "Auntie, gimme most expensive drinks in d list", I said.

so finally she gave a lemonaid, RM1.80. But KF said...

"Aiyo Rm1.80 only? so cheap!?"

Me : Auntie, charge him RM3. dun bother him

hahaha tats d whole conversation yesterday at canteen. kinda paiseh also la...yong tod i force KF treat me lunch, after lunch, yong suggested to GYM for some games. i agree because i really wan to exercise (but hey! i juz get my lunch but jumping around? OMG). so finally 3 of us went to d gym. he and paul play football (yeah rite playing football on basketball court and kick wrong ball - basketball ball) and i play basketball alone. oh well 45 min jumping and running really can cause me sweat like hell. but i kinda satisfy, i guess i should do more exercise at here since mon~wed i reli have a very huge gap for each classes. However, yesterday basketball cause me received 3 damaged. Hand,waist and shoe. My hand and waist so damn pain! My shoe was thorn up! sigh...After that i went to Visual Comm class (after dry myself from sweat..haha). urhm well yesterday class was 1.5 hours lecturer..kinda boring for me actually. She gave us assign adi (not reli consider as assign) and submit after cny! OMG! i gonna try to finish it up by this week because i wanna celebrate CNY wif peacefully! ahaha..

* sigh..pity my shoe *

Today i reach uni at 8am. actually i can reach 30 min earlier but i miss d early i have to wait for d next. before today, i make an appointment wif chin ee for meet up..base on her experience last week, she was reach uni quite early also on thurs eventhough her class started on 12pm. v couldn't bump each other also eventhough both of us in lib to kill time last week today v decided to meet up and chit chating to kill time. i dunno what time she reach coz once i almost reach lib, she suddenly poke me at d both of us go in lib and chit guess time reli flies fast, i din realise adi 9.10am and i was late for class. so i leave her alone in lib and run to my class because i tod i m late. but goddammit know i am d most earliest to reach in class. Even Mr Rini also came late and others student reli speechless la..they appear when time almost 10am. i wonder how d fuck hell they come to school since all of them stay nearby and driving reli hard to trust their punctuality.

so today was Traditional Animation sub. Mr Rini show us an animation and ask us to figure out where d 12 animation principle apply in d animation. After we figure out, we required to sketch the scene. so all of us pass i guess. but only me, engkiat and Melvin (i guess tats his name) manage to complete d whole execises and d remained student couldn't finish or figure out all..hehe..after tat Mr Rini gave us assign (or classwork i guess). he asked us get a flip book and draw a simple animation. NOOOO!!! Another work that will ruin my CNY mood! so again i gotta finish it by this week! *roarrrr!!* d way i plan to draw an animation about basketball..hopefully i can draw well XD

after class, i went to WM Jaya Jusco to buy lunch and a *mysterious gift* (pic below). What is d mysterious gift? guess urself! i wun reveal it yet until d time reach..hehe

* Mysterious Gift...wink =) *

after reach home, i camwhore alone in my room. lol! long time nv camwhore wif my digital cam! hahaha...*please do not vomit..just press Alt+F4 if u have sign of vomiting..hahaha*

* I guess i can categorized my hair as lion style adi *

* Side view. I hope it look nice since my hair started to grow back long *


KwOnG FeI said...

hope u wont mind for the small meal..

Jackie Loi said...

haha is ok la..i kinda paiseh also coz i seem like forcing u treat me meal =P