Saturday, January 24, 2009

Outing to TS

Today is a day where all of us (5S1) SHS ex student went out and gather wif gan. However i kinda disappointed coz some of them couldn't make it (some ffk-er) for this gathering. The only attended this "event" are me, joe, tee, ryan, wong and gan.

this morning i follow joe to KLCC because he wanted to collect his salary at TGV. after that we head to masjid jamek and change to star to Hang Tuah station and followed by walking to TS. Both of us quite surprice coz gan, tee, ryan and wong adi reach there so early. so all of us went to Low Yat 1st because gan wanted to buy his stuff at there. After he bought his stuff, we went to get our lunch inside there, Restaurant HK Cultural Food (i think tats d shop Wah d food kinda at last i order a set meal, Duck Rice + Ribenna water that cost RM6.90 (before 10% gov tax).

So we get our lunch while chit chating in d shop. It have been more than 1 years since i see gan, wong & Ryan. they din reli change much...same goes to tee who like to crapping (and d way he talk sometime reli over. i guess it was kinda miracle i able to bear him during form 6 life).

after lunch, all of us suddenly decided to watch movie to kill time. OMG! So many ppl are queue up for movie. After that, we went to the counter and get 6 movie tics, Underworld 3 : Rise of the Lycan. The most funny thing was, 4 of us, me, joe, tee & gan approached d counter lady and buying tics. the counter lady ask us "Are u all over 18 years old?"...OMG! Does all of us look so young and small kid? Please la..this year all of us 21st adult! A-D-U-L-T-!!!..that counter lady seem like dun believe us are over 18 (coz v nv show any prove to her..instead we making fun of her by saying we never expect we look so young XD). That counter lady also keep saying that she wont hold any responsible if later d ppl who duty on hall/floor dont allow us enter..duh! reli damn pissed off if all of us cheating on our age..feel like slap her face wif my IC..XD

after movie, ryan and wong walked themself because they wanna buy clothes for CNY. Meanwhile, d others (including me) accompanied gan because he wanna buy a couple ring for him and his gf. after a long search, finally all of us move to Sg Wang and continue the journey to search couple ring. After searched for almost 45 min, finally gan found d rings he wan. It cost RM72 a went back home when time reach 1630 hours. After that all of us continue to walk around Sg Wang and finally we give up walking and hunger for food. At first we wanted to eat Mc D in Sg Wang, but is crowded by human being. Finally we decided to move back to TS for dinner, KFC. After d dinner, Gan sent all of us back home..wee! Thx alot gan!

after i reach home, my dad friend came and gave us a very big also gave me and my sis ang pao! woop! my 2nd ang pao before CNY begin! haha..each of my sis get RM50 for d ang pao! wow!! Actually this was d 1st time my dad that friend gave us ang nice of him.
oh well i am going back my granma house tmrw noon...will stay there 3 days 2 nitez. to be honest i stay there for 1 day also can die adi..die of boredoom! No internet, no television, no air cond..d only thing they "have" in d house are MOSQUITO! Shit i hate it so much >,<...oh well, hopefully this year go back there can gamble wif my relative...i m short of money nowdays, so i muz become GOD OF GAMBLE adi! hahaha...

Anyway Happy Chinese New Year to all my reader! Here is a joke i recently heard from my friends (i forgot who). Since this year is Ox year, dun shit too many! or else it will become "bull"shit! hahaha...may all my reader bless with happiness in this year! Dun eat so much ah..later hard to diet! hahaha


vrempire said...

Wheeew..luckily she is not too stern and act like a discpline teacher :D

Jackie Loi said...

lol if she did i'll slap her XD