Sunday, January 25, 2009

Preparation to going back Seremban

opps! not much time to blog now! busy to preparing my stuff to bring to my granma house. Gonna stay there 3 days 2 are d major thing i gonna bring to there
* My lappie! Without "him" no life! *
* Stationary and paper for drawing *
* My beloved hp for communication, music and camera purposes *
* My digicam, for camwhore and event capture purposes =P *
* Chargers for various gadgets *
* My shampoo, conditioner and moving rubber for hair purposes of coz *
* Finally, my beloved bag to store all my stuffs *

hopefully all this gadgets & items enuf for me to survive at there >,<...
anyway happy CNY to all of u! gong xi gong xi!
If anyone wan send me ang pao pls feel free to get my home address XD
Ciozz! C u in 3 days later if i manage to survive!