Monday, January 12, 2009

Prepare an umbrella before rain?

was helping my friend, Jian Ying to promote her little business,hahaha..hopefully she'll pay me some comission for helping her do promotion..haha..oh well, straight to d point.

have u guys/girls prepare valentine present for d 1 u love 1? i know it is still early to get present (it was like 1 more month to go b4 valentine) since v all are in CNY mood now which approaching us in 2 more weeks. but then, as malay said, "Prepare and umbrella before RAIN (Sediakan payung sebelum HUJAN)" meaning that we have some preparation before the worst come. so why dont take this oppurtunity as ur backup plan? or as ur extra gift for ur sweetheart?

alright as i said straight to d point. so what did my friend promote on her little business was a nice couple T-Shirt! lets picture do the job on stimulating ur interest.

so did u guys get stimulated? are you guys interested? would u willing spend it for ur sweetheart? if u ask me i would say why not?! I would get it and actually i did ordered one of the design from my frenz to my angel (which design? i dun which to mention it so it will remain secret incase my angel read my this post XD). so what are u waiting for? put ur mouse on and click for further information about her products and you may make pre-order now! Go grab this oppurtunity and show it to ur sweetheart! =)