Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shopping Spree at JJ!

today went shoppng wif my parent again! but v din went far today..after get our lunch at Restaurant Blossom that located nearby my house, which is Platinum Walk area, v went to Wangsa Maju Jaya Jusco to shopping. At 1st my younger sis wanted to ask dad to buy her big bear bear doll as her birthday present which coming soon on 15th jan (it was same date as my granpa past away). after searchibg so long, finaly v stopped at 1 of d shop in JJ, which is Lovely Lace. Finally my sis choose a puppy doll.

after tat my sis went to D&D to choose her clothes and i hang out at ROMP. finally i decided to get a jeans and i saw a nice strip shirt as well. so without hesitate, i pick a jeans and try. BOUGHT. i pick the red & black strip shirt and try. BOUGHT. finally i am officially broke after bought this 2 sis manage to get herself a clothes as well.

after few hours at JJ, finally v went back. Uncle and autie came my house after this wif my cousin. My dad quickly put the upper cover at Beagle cage (FYI, Beagle cage upper part was open all the time). Beagle keep barking with exciting expression when saw my relatives and because it keep jumping here and there, the cover fell down on it. after tat it become very scare and kept! Poor Beagle.

just now me and parents went to Red Island Cafe for dinner. This cafe was located at Platinum Walk as well and just open not long ago. Since it open, that shop alwiz full wif human and v hardly get place to sit and try d food. Finally today v had a chance. So what should i say about this shop? D food is wonderful wif reasonable size, but not with the portion. My dad,mum and sis ordered nasi lemak rendang ayam. It was totally great! Nasi Lemak without pandan. So what v call this? actually juz Nasi Kari Ayam (Chicken Curry Rice)..dunno wtf they prepare this meal and called it as Nasi Lemak..duh..besides, me and my another sis ordered chicken chop, ok mine actually was Hot & Spicy Chicken with Tarta Sauce (actually is mayonis + salad...)...d taste was fine but the portion was so small..sigh..kinda disappointed..and their customer service totally sucks!

so, if u guys juz plan to sit down yum cha, yes! This is d best place to hangout wif wifi and nice environment provided. but pls, if u wanna get ur meal here, think twice. at least tats my opinion.


KwOnG FeI said...

where is platinum walk??
btw, any idea who give free dog?

Jackie Loi said...

platinum walk is a new building nearby my have become very hot spot for all restaurant but mostly is malay restaurant..

owh u wan dog? u should ask me this Q few months back coz my gf dog just give birth. she already gave all puppy to others ppl..sorry cant help