Monday, January 05, 2009


Today i went to my uni again. My dad fetch me to LRT station and i was sitting at the back. So, as an example malaysian good citizen, i wore the rear seatbelt! Malaysia Boleh! hehe

So i went uni in d morning. i met gabriel,suli and weihong. 4 of us went in and find Mr Teh for the course thingy and finally i able to drop my english sub and replace it wif animation study. it cause me able to choose malaysian studies on morning session as well! yay! Finally after a final struggle..hahaha

after tat 4 of us went to north wing campus to obtains architecture schedule for gabriel & weihong. It was a surprise that Pn Hanim & Pn Nikki still remember me. At the moment Pn Hanim saw gabriel, she came and ask us "why u all bring him here!?". i said, "we bring him here for u to punish him for what he did to u last 2 sem!" hahahaha...

after tat all of us waited for usaid to came and v get our lunch at north wing canteen. it have been four months since i ate here and d food still d same. Not to mention d price..super expensive! sigh..

so after lunch, 4 of us guys went to Cc for dota. FYI, it have been few months since i play dota...i was like a noob already. dunno how to counter attack,dunno gangbang,dunno buy item,dunno solo,dunno run! i was like a feeder! hahahaha..

after dota, all of us went back. i followed usaid to wait for shuttle inside campus. while v waiting,his turn went to c mr Teh. Finally Mr Teh allow him to choose 2 foundation and 2 degree sub this sem.

wow i was totally worn out today! i dunno y but i feel very tired..lz to blog also..haihz..anyway, i would like to post some random thing in my blog, check it out!
c d poll (below pic)? 40% dude and 59% babe. 40% + 59% = what happen to another 1%? misc gender? hahaha

oh yea, if u guys found out the vote banner under Importance E V E N T for me section (below pic), pls do click and vote for my dear! what u need to do juz sign up and vote for her! and u can vote her everyday..pls support my dear if u feel her plan was good! thx!! =)

besides,recently i juz figure out how to post my post on innit. so dear reader, i'll show u guys 4 simple step to post it =)..if u wanna increase ur reader for interesting topic.

step 1 : Enter nuffnang web. Then click "Innit" under ur homepage.

step 2 : make sure u log in urself 1st. d account is same as nuffnang 1 no worry. after tat click "add new post".

step 3 : Refer to below pic.

step 4 : refer to below pic.