Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Terror of Pn Chew House

* The day i as full time driver *

Today is d day where Pn Chew having her open house! She invite alot setapakian to join her house. Those batch can be catogorize to 4 batchs which are senior batch, my batch, junior batch and unknown batch (unknown junior actually..hahaha)..
* Dress code : BLUE *
* Pure *

so this early morning joe and tee went to my house. I drive them to yanling house and fetch her as well. at 1st v promise to wait yong at Mc D b4 jalan ampang there bcoz none of us know how to go Pn Chew. However, due to alwiz talking inside d car, v miss d Mc D and i drove until Tesco at to be honest, i dunno drive to cheras 1..thx to joe to insturct me all d way XD...and this is 1st time i officially drive in highway and i speed until 100km/ syiok d feeling of speeding.sorry if i frighten my passanger XD...

so joe instruct me until i drove till nearby taman connaught. from there yanling took over to instruct me to Taman Len Sen (Pn Chew house). Then thx to her, v round around housing area and lost..! hahaha..then joe call pn chew for help. Thanks to Pn Chew husband guidance, finally we make throught to her house sound and safe soon as we enter her house, senior batch and my batch already there. kinda shock to saw kwong fei, chee fei and chee boon there as well, haha..
* Steamboat in Pn Chew house *
* C the cute bear face fishball!? So cute! Make us feel sorry to eat them XD *
* Partial of human in Pn Chew house *

so today i have a very nice chat wif my senior since very long time din see them as well as my junior. Oh yea, v gamble in Pn Chew house as well. I manage to won abit from her house.
* Illegal Gambling!! HOHOHO! *
After that, Pn Chew offer to become banker. She have her own rules. Why? because she said economy crisis, tats why she had this kind of rules. What are her rules?

1) Min/Max bet is RM1
2) No double,triple etc..all flat rate, 1:1.

so every1 was happy wif her rate because on few round later Pn Chew manage to get blackjack! But only can earn RM1 from each person, hahahaa..anyway i had fun in Pn Chew house as well as gather wif my senior and junior. Quite surprice for some of them still recorgnize me =P..etc yi pei! hahaha...i couldn't recorgnize her at 1st glance actually coz she din wear paiseh.
* UCSI-an : From left - Joe, Me & Kwong Fei *
* Tham & Me *

well i guess my CNY journey end today! Tmrw gotta continue for "war"! I have to work hard for my studies!!
* Last pic before we went back *

* Final version, Candid! *