Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A bunch of update today! first of all i would like to curse complain about streamyx service. it have been few months since my connection will automatic dc for at least 30 min at night time. however i just ignore it until yesterday night when d time strike 2100 hours, my connection unable connect at all until today 1800 hours. The ADSL link light keep blinking..sigh..sometime ADSL link got light also unable to connect..i wonder is streamyx service getting worst or what..
* My router *

i call them this morning around 1000 hours to complain about that. the telemarketer tried all her best to help me solve d prob through phone but still fail to do so. so finally she said she'll send my report to technician in order for them to fix my prob. i wonder izzit my prob solve now eventhough i m on9-ing now..lol..i hope it was! reli sick without internet connection especially a day when i dun have class (supposely have classes but cancel...). but alot my friends told me they facing d same prob as me since yesterday..lol..i guess it was world mass problem happen on everywhere..lol
* Calling Streamyx...lol *

anyway yesterday night my family "lou sang" again. remember my dad bought 2 boxes of "yee sang" when we went to uncle house last 2 days? actually we just ate 1 box of it tat day and another box v brought back. so yesterday dinner v "lou sang" again, just for fun! hahahaha
* Yee Sang! *
* Almost can lou! haha *
* WTF! Lou Sang wif fork? *
* My Yee Sang..weee *

oh yea besides that, i bought a new shirt. another strip(blue & black) shirt after d 1 i bought from ROMP.
* Shirt Mode *
* Human Mode *

in addition, i received a CNY greeting card from Zhi Wei today. Wow i never expect she send so fast! lol..she asked my house address last 2 days and i tod it will only reach my hand next week..haha..well thx for that. My 1st greeting ever in this year..lol..it have been few years as well since i received any greeting card =)