Thursday, January 29, 2009

Valentine (?) and 2nd Anniversary

For those who dunno, Valentine Day actually drop on every 14th feb. That date was exactly same date with my anniversary with my dear. Since she study at UTeM now, we unable to celebrate that beautiful event together this year. I bought few presents for her. Still remember the mysterious gift in my previous post? finally i going to reveal it on this post! =P

* Ta daaa! LA NUIT chocolate! *

this early morning we meet at Wangsa Maju LRT Station on 1030 hours. We went to KLCC by putra. Once we reach there, we went to TGV to bought movie tickets. At first i wanted to watch "The Wedding Game". but from review i read before this, this movie was so-so or mayb average at last we decided to watch "The Bride War" that just release on cinema exactly today (i guess XD).

We watched for 1130 hours movie. So that movie was abit romance and comedy. I never expect wedding could drive woman that crazy until fight each other..hahaha..i dun wish that happen on me in future anyway XD..overall, that movie was not bad. After the movie, we went to AvenueK looking for location for our lunch. After walk from head to tail, tail back to head, finally i suggested to eat Burger King. Why burger king? because not much we had our lunch, i pass d present to my dear. There are actually 2 types gift only but i wrap it seperately (or actually it came seperately..haha) and became 3 presents. I know it was nth special..i hope she love it.
* A love shape fold by myself. I know my handwriting sucks..and spelling mistake -,- *
* guess what is this? *
* show u closer view. Continue guess or scroll down for answer =P *
* This time what is this!? UFO? Wrong!! *
* Mirror? Ok u correct half..=P *
* This is d answer! Ta daaa! *
* I put both seperately *
* After wrap it *
* This giant turn *
* feel like eating d choclate? haha *
* d box base design *
* seriously, wrap this thing reli killing me XD *
* The ultimate Trio! *

Actually i guess this is d shortest journey we ever had for today. We just have our movie and lunch then went back adi. She is going back UTeM tomorrow...until end of this year, i wun able to see her face...sigh..i know alot ppl couldn't bare LDR (long distance relationship). so do i. But i'll make sure myself able to do it..well, love is a miracle feeling. no one can judge it was right or wrong action when it involve in love. I wish we have our future together.

p/s : dear if u r reading this, i would like to let u know that i love u so much. d quantity of my love toward to u never still same back to last times. Muackss!!