Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When 3D Animation student VS Mass Com student

omg! my malaysian studies group are overloaded wif members,12 of them. so joe suggest to split up into 2 group where each groups have 6 members. so what happen was, nicol (i think tats her name) randomly do d grouping and ended up i same group wif her wif another 4 mroe girl (dunno who). OMG! d 1st time i m in a ladies group..and they put me as team leader w/o my agreement! aiyoyo....!!

back to my main post. today v 3d animation students, me, usaid,suli & alan was doing presentation for visual com sub (if u guys do recall what d presentation about on my last 2 days post). so what happen what d so called Mr Chuen Yao shooting my group. so usaid get pissed off and shoot him back until he totally speechless. the best part was as soon as he shut up others student clap hand, as a VICTORY symbol for us for shutting up d CY mouth! hahahahha..what a great satisfactory v got today! oh well, i have confidence we wont lose to them in term of design. it was 1 of my used to be daily work.

i tod wanna buy cookie from kah yoke but then my mum bake cookie and pineapple biscuit adi for cny. so i guess no need get from her adi.sorry girl..XD