Thursday, January 08, 2009

When Loi VS Low

Today dresscode : BLUE!

* Blue Watch *

* Blue Shirt *

* And blue Shoe *

* Me from left view *

* Me from Right view *

Today was a day for me to went out since new year! wee! i went klcc with suetyee and sooyan. v planned to watch Bedtime Stories. all of us gather at WM LRT station on 1030 and immedieatly go take tics from TGV.
v show our student card to the counter ppl..but i dunno y d counter felor need to jot down our name,uni and signature. d most funny thing was, she wrongly wrote my name eventhough she write according my student card. duh! My name from Loi become Low!!..sooyan brother i guess..hahaha
* KLCC CNY Deco *
* KLCC CNY Deco *
* KLCC CNY Deco *

after get tics, v walk around klcc. if i not mistaken, d last time i watch movie at klcc was wif my dear during CNY last year. it have been almost 1 year..v went few places b4 the show started. I saw Kamen Rider magazine/games book inside Kinokuniya! owhh!! i wanted to buy but too bad very expensive and was in japanese bought a manga and sme stationary from there. After that both of them plan to get some food to bring into v went to few junk food section in Isetan and finally sooyan get herself a french fried from Mc D. suetyee go buy donut (i forgot d name) that located outside TGV. I din get myself any food coz i din found anything suit to eat..haha

We went to cinema after time almost strike 1210. Wow, today was totally very less ppl in d cinema. i guess is because no longer hols..hahaha..and i feel d cinema was so cold! since i m not wearing long sleeve, i shivering d whole almost 2 hours..sigh..anyway bedtime stories wasn't as bad as commented by alot ppl. i guess because it was from disney production, v cant expect much from that movie,hahaha..anyway i love d genuie pig from d movie! i forgot his name..barney? lol..

after d movie, v decided to get lunch. So what to eat? 3 of us struggle so long until suetyee go ask us to write whatever v wanna eat in phone then only limited to 2 choices which is Sushi or Penang so at last i stay neutral and both of them wan sushi reli suetyee favourite 3 of us went to Sushi King. FInally i manage to eat my beloved INARI!! Hahaha..i saw 3 plate of Inari on d conveyor belt and took it without d whole day v at shop, i din c any Inari refill on the conveyor belt anymore...suetyee wanted to eat too but too bad la...coz of me..hahaha
* My 3 plate of victory, INARI *

after finish lunch v walked around klcc again. i saw KFC already renovated and become! besides, v went to Isetan toys section. i went to c the Kamen Rider candy toy. it cost RM9.90..i wanted to buy but...i control myself since i m broke to the look at alot toys too and then the 2 girls suddenly interested to get a tamagochi -,-..i nv knew tat tamagochi cost so exp now..i mean for high tech 1 cost around went few shop too to look for PS3 game since suetyee wanna buy but too bad she failed to get d game she wan. oh yeah, v went to toy 'R' us as well to look for d card..too bad d shop din sell much kamen rider product and limited to Hibiki toys

after walked at klcc for almost hours, v decided to head back since nth much to do. As soon as i reach home, i continue my database, what a responsible worker XD..hahaha..and finally i am done for 100%. tested everything and it was free from error Nikita wun reject my work >,< are some short screen i promise to post up.
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* Main page with 7 simple button *
* Member Registration Form *
* Staff Registration Form *

Oh well, i'll officially start class next week. so wish me luck though i m still in hols in other side i wish i could keep myself busy so tat i wun waste my yea, i hope i can play badminton or basketball on every thursday at UCSI Court wif joe and his gang. time to harden my mind to exercise or else my tummy will pop up like pregnant for 7 months