Saturday, February 28, 2009

Talkinator - Chatbox for Wordpress Blogger

Just help Carmen (as her birthday present =P) to install a great widget for Wordpress Blogger use. It was a type of chatbox known as Talkinator.

Key in the code in ur website to get Talkinator
NOTE : Only for wordpress user (i guess =P)

How to configure ur Talkinator? Here is ur FAQ

Configuring your Talkinator is simple! Set the parameters and click the "generate" button. Post that code in your website and you're good to go! Also, definitely read the terms of service below!

Note: you can also specify usernames for your room - read below.


You can vary the width of your talkinator here. Remember to hit "generate" after any value change!


You can vary the height of your talkinator here.


Specify the RGB value of the color you want your talkinator to be. For example, FFFFFF is white. 000000 is black. Here's a list of common values.


The name of your Talkinator is very important. If you name your talkinator "MyRoom" and paste the code into your webpage, then anyone going to your page will enter that room. However, if someone else uses "MyRoom" as their talkinator room name on their webpage, then your two webpages will be in the same room!

This is very handy if lets say you and your friend want the same talkinator room on both your social network pages. (That way any of your friends viewing either page are talking in the same room).

If you want a more custom room, pick a longer, less common name.


Specifying the username must be added manually to the code (once you get it from the right) with the "u=" query parameter.

Its not specified in the "get the code" popup, but you can specify your users' usernames. However, you need to do that programmatically according to your website. For example, if your user signs in and then your site uses the variable "<%=username%>" to hold their name, your code might look like:

If your site does not have usernames or you don't know how to add this type of code, just ignore the username parameter (i.e., just use the code you get from the right, as-is) and usernames will be auto-generated

I am Back!!

BOO! I am BACK! *Did anyone miss me and my blog? LOL*

The Post Below Is Pretty Long! Children Who Couldn't read for more than 1 minute are not allow to read! XD

* Miss my stupid face? LOL *

been really busy with uni stuff recently. Plus nothing much interesting thing happen nowdays. Did i look stress? LOL....i hope i am.but it seem like i m reli tat kind of person who never view matters seriously..assignment? Cincai la..last min do also can..guarantee siap...exam? capalang la..last min read also can..guarantee pass! lol tats what in my mind now..sigh..

oh well enuf complain..i knew i will able to survive no matter what way i choose to live..just d matter my survival will lead to successful, so-so or failure result only. Anyway, recently all my assignment have become weekly task. Assignment coming none stop especially Art History and Life Drawing. LOL! We required to wrote journal once a week for Art History and duration for submission was 1 week later. Man, how hate i m on monday class! I am having Malaysian Studies on morning. After that class immediately Art History class for 3 hours. Then break for 30 min another class, Visual Comm. The lecturer for Malaysian Studies not interested..she is rather dull,bored and flat in term of her presentation to us. Imagine..monday blue..u wake up early to uni, attend Malaysian Studies class on 8am, hoping for some refreshment so that u can enjoy d rest of ur class. Unfortunately once d lecturer enter d 1st word she'll said was "ok last week we stop at this chapter. Today we'll continue this chapter...bla bla bla"...ahhh!! Super bored!! Got once i really sleep in her class coz beh-tahan..sigh...Art History was not bad class..juz dun like to write journal (eventhough is copy paste work from internet XD)..Visual Comm? IDK why but this whole week i was sitting next to Nicol. LOL great! Is my opportunity to enchant and expand my social world. Seriously i need this skill in! God bless me.

My Life Drawing lecturer are doing great! He really expand my eyes widely with his skill and knowledge on human anatomy. I seriously respect him eventhough his word can be harsh sometime. Last week when they class just begin he keep "bullied" me XD...but i guess this week i m doing well and he bullied other students..hahaha..however Life Drawing class consumed a bunch of weekly work as well. He required us to draw at least 20 drawings in our sketch book and submit in 5 days later..LOL! besides, Life Drawing class really cause me spend alot money on it. Buy stationary, sketches book, paper, human model and etc. One of the factor i m super broke now..hahaha

Not to forget my Traditional Animation class. I am doing great in this class and my most favourite class of d day. Why? Because that was d only day where i super damn relax in class. In this class, we required drawing and computer (Photoshop&Flash) skill. Ok i admit my drawing was sucks like hell compare to my others classmate. But hey! I feel proud that i have advantages in computer software! For thos who know me sure know that i am good (self compliment! LOL) in photoshop! Besides i am fast learner as well, so Flash was not a problem for me. In this class i done my work very fast and perfectly while my other classmate have to struggle learning how to use photoshop and flash. Whenever i m free, i seriously willing to teach them d way to use those software. But i knew some of them tod i very LCLY and refuse to seek help from me. So what can i do? i just have to think in heart "Padan muka! Mau berlagak pandai buat apa?". hehehe..i m glad i was given this talent and advantages.

I almost forgot! last tues when i on d way to my uni,to be detail in masjid jamek station, i met this felor :

i know some of u still can recognize him eventhough i tried to pixelate and blur his face XD..we met each other but v pretend dunno each other..i knew he keep starring at me when i pass by him..well it have been more than half year we ignore each other. to be honest, i admit i deleted him in my msn contact bcoz he offended me that time. but before i did that, i figure out that he actually deleted me from his friendster contact. WTF! in response from his blog, he said :

"my former friend (i dont want to mention his name) now become super “LCLY”! im regret all the while im helping him and treat him as best friends for this 10 years. he never appreciate for what i done. and after he left uts, all of us celebrated coz its nothing coolest than he leaving uts. he doesnt need demand ppl to respect him, in fact he should he earn respect from us. how will people paying u respect if you doesnt know how to respect ppl. i doubt this of human still got friends?"

oh well..i could understand why he and d rest colleague hate me. because i banned their sales. I ask them re-call d customer to explain d product again in right prosedure. But alot of them refuse to do so because they afraid customer will get annoyed and cancel d sales. He is one of them who refuse to fix his sales. So what can i do? i just doing my duties. if they wanna hate me then just hate till bottom of their heart. I swear i just did my responsibilities and nothing more than the boundary. i nv expect ppl to respect me. I just need my ex-colleague to respect themself, respect their work and profession as telemarketer where provide accurate product info to customer and using the right procedures. This is d 1st time in my life seeing human greed in this society world. When come to lust and greed, friendship was nothing at all. I agree 1 of his doubt where I wanna know too, do i still have friends?

gah enuf talking about him. Still remember i become driver for my mui last week in order to help her assign? i helped her create a SUPER LAME prototype Cd Cover to show her. She cant get it what me and irene tried to said that day for d design of d cd cover. So i offer myself to make d cover. I hope u guys understand too XD

* Front View *

* 3/4 View *

* The slot to insert cd *

Wee! In addition finally i received aussie souvenir from Sooyan & Yvonne. Apa da, they came back malaysia so long adi but now only they gimme d souvenir XD. Long time ago i when they still in Aussie, i told them adi i wan kangaroo! I wan living Kangaroo! LOL! But ended up only Sooyan keep d promise..haha..she gave me a little cutie Kangaroo hanger. Yvonne? She interpret wrongly my wish and bought me a key chain of Aussie region shape and a matter what it still written "Made in Australia"..wee! Thanks you guys =D..btw, we just went out yumcha on last thurs in Station 1 Cafe. I become their driver..LOL

Besides, today was my mid term for Malaysian Studies..geez! Sat mood man! I was totally worn out studying this stupid subject...however i guess my hard work get paid. i am pretty confidence when answering all the question especially d essay part.hahaha..i hope i can score well, i dowan let my lecturer look down on us. Oh yea, yesterday was Carmen birthday! Wooop!! She is my fourth friends who from 20 turn to 21st this year! Congratulation =D

* Happy Birthday Carmen =D *

Wow! I cant believe that i type so long! congratulation who able to finish read this
post! hahahahaha!! was my confession for this whole week. I was still busy with my weekly task..tsk, i wish my sem break coming soon! >,<...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade Episode 5 (The Biting King's Qualifications)

Kamen rider Decade Ep 5 1/3

Kamen rider Decade Ep 5 2/3

Kamen rider Decade Ep 5 3/3

Comment : OMG! Decade Illusion card was so like cheating! was so funny when Decade tried to turn Kiva into Kiva Arrow. GO! Final Form Ride, Ki Ki Ki Kiva!
Next ep will be in Ryuki world and i m sure alot of u get spoiler for that world adi.

p/s i love the pharse, "Just a passing through Kamen Rider. Remember that!"

Monday, February 23, 2009

My dear on top 20 in NESCAFÉ® KICK-START™

Hey my dear already made it to top 20 in NESCAFÉ® KICK-START™ Entrepreneurship competition. For those who read her BPO (Business Plan Overview) b4 and voted her, i would like to said thx u all =D..

btw, she was in final round, where top 20 will determine three winner for this plan. As usual, a vote was counted in this round. So i would like you guys fee free to vote for my dear =D

NESCAFÉ KICK-START Top 20: Annie Chan - Homework Center Video

For voting, click the link below :

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A day where i as driver again

Walao! I realise i went up very often recently..almost every sat or sun i went out..sigh, i guess i'll get ground from my parent soon. Btw, this coming saturday is my Malaysian Studies mid term test. I havent read any single thing yet..alamak! i dowan wait to fail la! I dowan let that lecturer "tai sui" on us...cis! STPM student not play play eh! LOL!!

So today i become Zoe full time driver..LOL! For those who dunno who is Zoe, she is my sis (yea rite sis). She have been assign an assignment by lecturer about designing a cd album, cd cover bla bla bla. So for those who know her, it was her SUPER DREAM to become artist, singer in other word. So artist........for that assignment..LOL! Thats mean we going to see Zoe album on Cd shop soon eh? hahaha...i hope so. oh well, i would like to introduce our (her) generous photographer (Edward) and stylish (Irene) but too bad i dun have their proper pic.

So i as my sis personal manager (cewah) and driver was waited her arrival nearby my house on 0730 and she only reach on 0830...isk!! Buat hatiku panas jer! So i drive until University LRT Station to wait for Edward because he gonna show us road to Mount Kiara (Bukit Lembah Kiara). Yeap! The photography session was on there because Edward said d scenary was nice. Well no doubt, it was a pretty good environment and alot ppl during weekend. I even saw got ppl taking wedding pic on there..make me jealous..*wink wink..hinting something to YOU-KNOW-WHO-YOU-ARE* well, lets pics below explain everything today and the beautiness of Mount Kiara.
* First time i see ppl doing make up live *
* Zoe luggage *
* Hmpp! She take pic i also take..blehh *
* Damn that weather seriously hot and sunny. Make me cant smile nicely..LOL *
Mount Kiara Scenary

Nice rite d scenary? hahaha..The photoshooting session ended around 12++ bacause Edward was rushing to church. After that left 3 of us and Irene suggested to get lunch at 1U. Well FYI, it have been 10 years++ since i went 1U..hahaha..shit rite, as kl ppl never go 1U XD...well we get our lunch in Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. LOL!

SOme funny thing happen where 3 of us lost inside 1U. We couldn't find d entrance to outside car park coz my car was parked outside 1U and d entrance was in LG floor..shit la 1U! So damn big...make me so paiseh for lost inside..hahah! then i dunno why when i went ti pay my tics at autopay machine, d machine rejected my card until i found another machine outside d 1U. that time got 1 uncle in front me putting his card into d machine. Then d display shown that he need to pay RM0.00. He feel very strange and turn to me, ask me "eh why i no need pay ah?"..i answered "I dunno card also got prob coz d machine keep reject my card". Then tat uncle like couldn't believe his and my eyes, he go insert d card into d machine again and this time d machine displayed "Your tics have been paid"...he terus WTF! took d tic and funny.

after that i fetch Irene back to UM. another paiseh thing happen where she ask me use d flyover on Phileo Damansara but actually is use d below road...then it cause me have to pay RM2 on d tol. after that i dunno where she instruct me d road, it make me turn around tat area and finally..POP!! I am HOME! Back to somewhere nearby Mount Kiara! WTF!! So finally i got my lesson, i din use d flyover instead of d lower road. After few minutes driving finally reach UM main entrance and..walao! UM damn super big! I was driving inside a stupid maze in UM to look for her hostel. After "kick" Irene down, Zoe show me d road back to Setapak..phew, another save journey! Hahaha...finally i learn some road to bangsar and damansara. Not a bad experience =P
p/s my both arm already become dark and red...sigh

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution

Well i bet alot nuffnanger already know about this contest! Who doesn't want to win d prize? I actually viewed alot ppl KaMeHaMeHa pose and they all are doing pretty well. However some reli doing the wrong pose -,-"' here, i'll let my GURU teach u guys d actually way to fire a KaMeHaMeHa. Lets go!

1st Step :

Relax urself. Concentrate all ur energy into max. Make all ur inner "chi" flowing through all ur body. * You may close ur eyes if u wan XD *

2nd Step :

if u able to control ur chi well, u'll able to burst out an aura like my GURU! Eh? My GURU aura is Super Saiyan aura! Cool!

3rd Step :

Ready to KaMeHaMeHa? If u r not ready go back to step one..or click Ctrl+F4 to quit. Alrite if u r ready, make urself the most powerful pose! KaMeHaMeHa pose! Follow what my GURU pose. COncentrate all ur "chi" to ur palm, imagine u practising "buddha palm" skill like Kung Fu Hustle. finally, dun forgot d magic word..Start saying "KA ME (turtle)"..if u succes this step, a small energy ball will pop up in between ur hand.

4th Step :

Release mroe chi! Imagine that same situation when u're doing hard when u sitting on toilet bowl! Say "Ha Me (striking)". If u success, a gigantic energy ball shinning on ur hand. *WInk wink*

5th Step :

Do i need to teach u this step!? Say "HA (wave)" and get redi to fire ur KaMeHaMeHa on ur opponent, ur lecturer or even on bullshit people!!

Last Step :

If u successfully kill ur SO-WHATEVER-PEOPLE. Dun mind to make ur winning pose like my GURU did ^^.

Alright, thats all for today. Mayb next time my GURU should teach u all how to use "Genki Dama"


Nuffnang Blogger Gathering Part 2

finally i got all the pics from Zhao. Thanks alot dude =D..ur DSLR was d best! LOL!!!!

* Swt my face like ham sap lou now XD *

* Angel the Chilis Promoter *

* Jeffro and Vic *

* we are like those artist who walking into some big event. Wink wink =) *

* watching old guy playing foosball *

* Zhao VS Jeffro. And Jeffro won! LOL! *

* Let GURU teach u how to hit ball *

* sei ham sap lou kuai seong san (pervert guy been possessed by ghost) *

* I am force to take pic wif him -,-" *

* Do-Re-Mi *

Well, it was a nice gathering afterall =D..hope to c u guys in next gathering. Hope more blogger will attend =D