Friday, February 13, 2009

2nd UCSI University Chinese Culture Society Chinese New Year Extravaganze 2009

Woah! Long title rite? haha..Yesterday was the 2nd UCSI University Chinese Culture Society Chinese New Year Extravaganze 2009 held by CCS due to Chinese "Niu" Year celebration on MPH (Multipurpose Hall). Well, it was my first time join uni event after being study here for so long! LOL..for your information, all d event was held on night and i actually having difficulty on transport. However joe can fetch me back yesterday nite, tats y i agree to join.

I m having class yesterday, Traditional Animation. I guess due to lack of sleep, i was totally forget about my pendrive where all my work was save inside there and supposely to bring for class today. Luckily i brough my hard copy to class and i scan into the computer and start my animation work. Yesterday d whole day we are doing paiting in photoshop on our character sheet and animation. Well photoshop, who dunno i m pro on it? was totally a piece of cake for me to do painting in photoshop. Mr Rini doesn't reli need pay much attention on me which make me quite relax without any disturbance..LOL!!

after class i went back home for lunch and nap a while. After that i m going out again and back to UCSI (SWT! Sound like i so free rite? haha)..I meet joe with his friend in Block A and we went to dinner together. At last i get to know some new people since i reli dunno much ppl in d uni, LOL! urhm well, i dunno most of their name but 1 of them was from my Visual Comm class, Adeline her name. After the dinner, we went to the MPH for d event.

* Before the event started *

Here are some highlight event :
  • Opening Ceremony
* Speech from CCS President *
* Opening Ceremony from Mr Peter Ng *

  • Lion Dance
Seriously this performance sucks! The lion kinda lazy to dance and just know how to shake butt. Worst thing was the lion keep facing his butt on audience, i guess they not professional enuf anyway..LOL!
  • Chinese Martial Art

This performance not bad. but some do look funny and odd. haha

  • Chinese Horoscope Analysis

Nothing special on this. Just normal horoscope reading by wearing some low budget decoration on themself to act as the horoscope animal.

  • Chinese Orchestra

Just normal orchestra. No comment.

  • Traditional Dance

LOL! My first impression on this dance, "Is this Parsi Dance?"

  • Chinese Yo-yo

I have to admit this is one of the best performances out of all. I heard from Nicol one of them was a yoyo trainer. I gotta say it was far far far better than my secondary school one. Opss! Pn Chew gotta kill me if she read this post XD

  • Singing of CNY Songs

3 girls singing. What to comment? 2 of them sing wif low voice and create a very obvious contrast between them. LOL!

  • Live Band Performances

Another cool performance! At the moment they said will perform some "Yao Kun" (Rock), first thing in my mind appear was Leehom song, "Yao Kun Jeng Me Le". DIsappointed they din perform that..LOL! Anyway they sang three song starting by two song solo from the guy. At the last song they sang Y2J (Sen Wu Yu Tung) song, "Wei Ni Er Huo". That guy was singing pretty good but the girl couldn't make it to high pitch like the girl in Y2J. So it doesn't match well. Feel free to play the video for d song =D (Sorry for the poor quality)

  • Hip Hop Jazz

Their dance kinda not consistence. Which gimme one feeling...messy and sucks

  • Lucky Draw

My num doesnt appear!! AHHHHHH!! Guess Dragon year really no luck this year XD

  • Group Singing

Everyone went berserk and went up the stage and sing..LOL! Tats what we call GROUP SINGING

  • End

* Me with the two leng chai leng lui MC that nite. I look so sleepy -,-... *

* Last pic before we went back =D *

* Booklet. Kinda nice design i have to say =D *

* Ang Pow from Chai Sen Yeh (God of Prosperity). I tod inside is money..mana tau....*

* Swt rite? haha *

the event ended around 2330 hours. After that joe fetches me and his friend back. Wow, i reach home also already 0030 late and damn tired. At the instant i reach home, i straight away sleep...Anyway i gotta do my work today. I wanna finish it so that tmrw (u guys know what day rite =P) and sun i can go out without worry anything.