Thursday, February 05, 2009

Assignment : Colaj Art (Part 2) and Walk Cycle

Yo today another day for Traditional Animation class! I dunno why i was quite enjoying this class..mayb is because animation, a course that suppose i learn in full time (i dunno wtf i need learn basic designing for graphic and...other etc For those who dunno, Traditional Animation was taught by Mr Rini..sound familiar? yes he is my painting lecturer for previous sem! hehe..i quite like to be in his class coz is relaxing and he is reli a great lecturer.

So this morning i met wif Ee again. But this time is not in lib but outside d library cafe. She play my G900 around. i was quite surprice she manage to unlock my phone easily =P..but she still sick wif my touch screen..couldn't touch v chit chatting for 1 hours like last time and then i went to my class. Today i dunno what d hell happen, 2 absentise and 2 late..ended up only me n suli came early for d class..well of coz i do have benefits for coming earlier since Mr Rini explain to us quite detailing for today topic. Oh yea, today we learns Walk Cycle. I bet pro know what is this..hahaha...So for few almost 30 min, we are required to do our complete walk cycle..for d 1st time i m using d light box to do d walk cycle kinda successful! Dun believe? c d gif image at d bottom (oh well v supposely use flash to animate it..but i was testing d effect wif my gif)

* Basic stick man walk cycle *

After we done, Mr Rini asked us to create our very own character. Then he asked us to apply that solid character into our walk cycle. i see most of them are doing human figure and i decided to be i go draw a monster! (Ok i admit d helmet design was similar to wargreymon...hahah).

* My solid character, Front, Side & Back view *

* Closer view..izzit WarGreymon? haha *

something funny happen. When i m creating this monster, Mr Rini asked me this is bad guy or good guy. AT 1st i couldn't decided and finally i told him is a bad guy. Basically, my very first sketches for this monster is armorless. But Mr Rini ask me to add armor to make it look nicer and cover some of my mistake on d shoulder there. After adding everything, my character seem like change to good guy adi..XD...cha dou! hahaha..well, our assignment now was draw the walk cycle with solid character. Next week thurs v gonna animate it wif flash. hope i can show u guys =D

AFter finish Traditional Animation class, all of us wait for Usaid for Visual Comm assign discussion. We waited for almost 1 hours and finally he show up together with Gabriel and WeiHong. So all of us went to Block A for lunch b4 d discussion. AFter finish lunch, Gabriel and WeiHong went back and left 4 os us, me, usaid, alan and suli for d visual comm work. So what v did today actually was create d colaj background for our presentation next wed. My "Wall-E" might need to modify abit coz very big and hardly to fix in into A3 paper..shit!! I love my wall-E T____T

* Our colaj background *

* Messy table *

Besides, due to too bored, Usaid was doing some prank! Check it out!

* I know you know who is that =P *

Hahaha! Creative rite that colaj? well, we are creative art student afterall! hahaha...anyway out work today consumed quite alot time and all of us went back on 5pm. OMG! It was terrible jam on LRT and rain so heavy in my area.sigh..

oh well, hope everything go well for next week presentation as well as my Walk Cycle assign since i m d only 1 who doing monster figure XD...tmrw i m going to KLCC wif Usaid, Gabriel and WeiHong just to accompany them to take pic for their drafting task.