Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Assignment : Colaj Art

"AWW!! WTF is that!! WALL-E Season 2!?!!"

oh well, this is my Visual Com assignment which assign to me b4 CNY..hahaha..well since is celebration season, i was totally slack off wif all my work until yesterday only i started to do my assign..sigh..so this is 1 of my assign, colaj!

Ms Shafida required us to use source from magazine only. Since my house not much magazine (none of us love to buy magazine and read..v prefer newspaper XD), i have limited source! Luckily my mum got keep some magazine/katalog from Cosway. SO the task is like that, we required to create something using colaj method that reflected ourself..omg! is that mean i m robot? yes i am! hahahaha..

If you guys look closely, most of d thing i use to create this robot was home-use-gadgets...lol, as i said, i have super limited source! sigh..i hope i din screw up this thing since it consider last min work..hahaha..wee! i love d head and body! XD

Peace for my robot image! hehehe