Monday, February 09, 2009

Chi Hua Hua is back!

Just back from visiting my auntie puppies. Her Chi Hua Hua gave births again and this time four puppies. So cute lerr all of them! if my house dun have beagle i might wanna rare one of them =P...enjoy d pics! =D..

p/s : I live the black most!

* It is a cat? No it was a dog! Chi Wah Wah! LOL *

* Ta daaa, so cute!! really rare to see black chi hua hua*

* The other siblings *

* Children below 18 are adviseable to view with parent guardian XD *

* They started to commiting on crime by stealing sandal *

* Opss! They have been caught red handed! *

* One of them manage to escape by hiding in a small "alley" *