Sunday, February 22, 2009

A day where i as driver again

Walao! I realise i went up very often recently..almost every sat or sun i went out..sigh, i guess i'll get ground from my parent soon. Btw, this coming saturday is my Malaysian Studies mid term test. I havent read any single thing yet..alamak! i dowan wait to fail la! I dowan let that lecturer "tai sui" on us...cis! STPM student not play play eh! LOL!!

So today i become Zoe full time driver..LOL! For those who dunno who is Zoe, she is my sis (yea rite sis). She have been assign an assignment by lecturer about designing a cd album, cd cover bla bla bla. So for those who know her, it was her SUPER DREAM to become artist, singer in other word. So artist........for that assignment..LOL! Thats mean we going to see Zoe album on Cd shop soon eh? hahaha...i hope so. oh well, i would like to introduce our (her) generous photographer (Edward) and stylish (Irene) but too bad i dun have their proper pic.

So i as my sis personal manager (cewah) and driver was waited her arrival nearby my house on 0730 and she only reach on 0830...isk!! Buat hatiku panas jer! So i drive until University LRT Station to wait for Edward because he gonna show us road to Mount Kiara (Bukit Lembah Kiara). Yeap! The photography session was on there because Edward said d scenary was nice. Well no doubt, it was a pretty good environment and alot ppl during weekend. I even saw got ppl taking wedding pic on there..make me jealous..*wink wink..hinting something to YOU-KNOW-WHO-YOU-ARE* well, lets pics below explain everything today and the beautiness of Mount Kiara.
* First time i see ppl doing make up live *
* Zoe luggage *
* Hmpp! She take pic i also take..blehh *
* Damn that weather seriously hot and sunny. Make me cant smile nicely..LOL *
Mount Kiara Scenary

Nice rite d scenary? hahaha..The photoshooting session ended around 12++ bacause Edward was rushing to church. After that left 3 of us and Irene suggested to get lunch at 1U. Well FYI, it have been 10 years++ since i went 1U..hahaha..shit rite, as kl ppl never go 1U XD...well we get our lunch in Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. LOL!

SOme funny thing happen where 3 of us lost inside 1U. We couldn't find d entrance to outside car park coz my car was parked outside 1U and d entrance was in LG floor..shit la 1U! So damn big...make me so paiseh for lost inside..hahah! then i dunno why when i went ti pay my tics at autopay machine, d machine rejected my card until i found another machine outside d 1U. that time got 1 uncle in front me putting his card into d machine. Then d display shown that he need to pay RM0.00. He feel very strange and turn to me, ask me "eh why i no need pay ah?"..i answered "I dunno card also got prob coz d machine keep reject my card". Then tat uncle like couldn't believe his and my eyes, he go insert d card into d machine again and this time d machine displayed "Your tics have been paid"...he terus WTF! took d tic and funny.

after that i fetch Irene back to UM. another paiseh thing happen where she ask me use d flyover on Phileo Damansara but actually is use d below road...then it cause me have to pay RM2 on d tol. after that i dunno where she instruct me d road, it make me turn around tat area and finally..POP!! I am HOME! Back to somewhere nearby Mount Kiara! WTF!! So finally i got my lesson, i din use d flyover instead of d lower road. After few minutes driving finally reach UM main entrance and..walao! UM damn super big! I was driving inside a stupid maze in UM to look for her hostel. After "kick" Irene down, Zoe show me d road back to Setapak..phew, another save journey! Hahaha...finally i learn some road to bangsar and damansara. Not a bad experience =P
p/s my both arm already become dark and red...sigh


Name A Star said...

no call me join along ?

Jackie Loi said...

hahaha...i tod u at kampar eh? =P...i also kenot get to take pic leh..=(..i also wan camwhore..LOL