Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A day where i totally pissed off

WARNING : The post below might very emo! LOL! I also will emo ka? WTF!

Life Drawing class finally started! Finally Mr Teh manage to get a lecturer for us after being so long. SO the new lecturer was from Peru, called Ernesto. So basically in life drawing we'll learn everything about human figure and animal figure. Just what i like it! LOL! Since it was a first day class, i dun reli know Ernesto is great lecturer onot. but one thing i am sure he better than BAKA Khairul. He even mention "I gonna kill Khairul for not teaching u all previous sem"...haha! So funny! Oh since v are going to draw human figure, i would like to introduce our new classmate and s/he'll become our full time model.

* Light Box in my class =D *
* FInally my animation done! *
* Ta daa! Our new classmate! Mr/Ms Skeletal! *
* Pretty rite? LOL! *

alright back to main topic, why i very pissed off today? Today was presentation for my Visual Comm where we will present our collage assign. Last week thurs, SHE was d 1 who make noise said wanna meet up today on 0930 hours. So WTF happened today was SHE came when time almost reach 1100 hours. I actually smsed her on 0930 hours to ask her meet at class room since i got d key wif me (d original plan was meet in lib). Then SHE replied said OK. Within 30 min, SHE replied me and said she'll be late coz she got family prob. WTF? if already promise to meet at 0930 hours, is that suppose mean u'll go out around 0900 or 0915? It show that SHE doesn't have any punctualities! Oh well, every1 know it actually..i have been enduring this f-ed up attitude for so long until today i totally kenot bear it anymore.

SHE cause us stuck in our work and unable to continue because some part of d collage was with her. SHE cause everyone waited for her! DAMN! If u guys know me well, u all should know i hate wasting time for nth and hate ppl who came late. The best part was, my group have myself, Usaid, HE & SHE as members. HE & SHE never did her job! Ok, mayb considered SHE did her job by supplying magazine to us. Me & Usaid help HE to do his part. Me & Usaid help SHE to do her part. Gahh! I really couldn't accept this kind ppl as my teammate. Seriously i felt like wanna get a new group for my next group assign..!

Ok, tats what happen during working process. How was our presentation today? It was totally screw up! Why!? Because HE & SHE again! HE talk too soft, short and slow..dunno what the hell he talking & i wonder those students could heard what he said onot. SHE? even sucks. The moment she open her mouth, it was so soft! I was stand beside her and hint her to talk louder for at least twice. But she still talk wif her "soft" voice. Finally i couldn't bear it and ask her "SHOUT LA!". I guess SHE pissed off on me and talk very loud with the phrase "I AM THE SNAKE (she reffering the collage)". After that!? Her voice back to normal, soft mode..damn! Those students started din pay attention on us. Worst to worst i dunno WTF SHE present about. It was totally difference than what we have plan earlier. SHIT SHIT SHIT! Me & Usaid damn pissed off on they two!!
* Our collage work *

Ok enuf of! i guess d best solution for myself is go get a new member or else i have to bear on SHE for d whole way man!!

besides, i reli been assign as Team Leader (TL) for Malaysian Studies! I hope i could lead d group -,-..seriously i still dunno most of them..sigh..oh well, time will prove everything.


Chin Ee said...

Wah~ The light box.. Cool! It's for comics too, right? hehe
U really should get a better teammates lor.. Or else, you'll explore soon.. XD
So, change la.. Support u.. I also don't like this kinda ppl..
Is ok to be emo sometimes~ ^^

Jackie Loi said...

haha i think yea, comic also got use d lught box..LOL!

ya who dowan better teammates..if can get i dun mind! LOL..i wanna changes but i dunno got ppl wan adopt me onot..

ya lo who will like this kind of ppl..summor i seriously dun like wait ppl..if later 10~15 min i still can accept..tat felor 1 hours++..shit rite? LOL..

Chin Ee said...

Really shit lor~ Me too.. Exspecially those ffk(fong fei kei).. Lagi benci..

Jackie Loi said...

lol..tats y..sabar..i wanna know more mass com student..easier for me for next sem coz next sem i m taking all sub from mass com course