Friday, February 06, 2009

Drafting Marathon

As i said, i accompany Usaid they all to KLCC to do their drafting task. It remind me last time where i came KLCC to take d pic as well to draw. Last time we just came and take pic, then can ciozz to home to draw. but seem like Pn Hanim very strict adi now. She wan all of them done all d 15 drawing and submit by today b4 our plan was totally ruin today!

what is our plan? at 1st v plan to take pic (they take no then go Desa to play dotA. but since they need submit their work, so they rushing to finish up everything. Ended up they all done their work on 1500++ hours.

So when they done taking pic, all of us went food court (again they did d job not me) to start d drawing. so i just help them in doing border and some outline since i m too free adi. after that v ordered Mc D as our! They got new promition now, Set Lunch just for cheap!

after get our lunch, v shift to KLCC park to continue d drawing. I helped Gabriel to do some of his drawing to help him speed up his work, or else he reli slow! As i said, around 1500++ finally d work done. After done d work, we still go on d plan to go cc but just for a while. I play for arond 1.5 hours then went back adi..well just manage to play 1 game for dotA and a game for Left 4 Dead, a game that I-DUN-NO-WHAT-IT-IS! but anyway, v have fun meeting and chatting. it have been 1 month+ since i meet gabriel and wei hong anyway..tmrw might going out to yum cha wif frank and d rest. aik, reli pk la go out so many times..T__T