Saturday, February 21, 2009

I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution

Well i bet alot nuffnanger already know about this contest! Who doesn't want to win d prize? I actually viewed alot ppl KaMeHaMeHa pose and they all are doing pretty well. However some reli doing the wrong pose -,-"' here, i'll let my GURU teach u guys d actually way to fire a KaMeHaMeHa. Lets go!

1st Step :

Relax urself. Concentrate all ur energy into max. Make all ur inner "chi" flowing through all ur body. * You may close ur eyes if u wan XD *

2nd Step :

if u able to control ur chi well, u'll able to burst out an aura like my GURU! Eh? My GURU aura is Super Saiyan aura! Cool!

3rd Step :

Ready to KaMeHaMeHa? If u r not ready go back to step one..or click Ctrl+F4 to quit. Alrite if u r ready, make urself the most powerful pose! KaMeHaMeHa pose! Follow what my GURU pose. COncentrate all ur "chi" to ur palm, imagine u practising "buddha palm" skill like Kung Fu Hustle. finally, dun forgot d magic word..Start saying "KA ME (turtle)"..if u succes this step, a small energy ball will pop up in between ur hand.

4th Step :

Release mroe chi! Imagine that same situation when u're doing hard when u sitting on toilet bowl! Say "Ha Me (striking)". If u success, a gigantic energy ball shinning on ur hand. *WInk wink*

5th Step :

Do i need to teach u this step!? Say "HA (wave)" and get redi to fire ur KaMeHaMeHa on ur opponent, ur lecturer or even on bullshit people!!

Last Step :

If u successfully kill ur SO-WHATEVER-PEOPLE. Dun mind to make ur winning pose like my GURU did ^^.

Alright, thats all for today. Mayb next time my GURU should teach u all how to use "Genki Dama"