Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Kamen Rider G! Henshin!

"what? what is Kamen Rider G!? I though now is Kamen Rider Decade year!?"

For those who dunno what or who is Kamen Rider G, he is special rider who created for TV-Asashi's 50th birthday anniversary. Well, i would have to say tat G have a nice design. If u guys notice, he had a G shape on both his eyes and body design. In the same time, he will be firsy heisei rider who have...have....LONG ANTENA (exclude KR first and next)! sound like showa classic rider rite? hehe..i like his body design as well..giving me feeling like watching KR First and Next. But one thing i dont like was his henshin belt. somehow it giving me feeling like kabuto belt with zectar. Oh for those who havent watch or din realise yet, he using a bottle with some kind of "G" label on it to henshin. he equip the bottle into his belt (is same like equip a zectar to henshin belt).
lol!!! i was laugh to death to see him henshin and with d bottle equipped on his belt XD...anyway KR G already make his first 2 episode (i guess) appearance in TV-Asashi. Enjoy the video below (it was RAW ver) =D

Kamen Rider G part 1/2

Kamen Rider G part 2/2