Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Most EXP Drink I ever had!

OMG! Today i just had my most expensive drink ever in my life!! Today i went out yum cha with frank, wailoon, yvonne & sooyan in MV. I get a transport treat from frank where he fetch me from University Station to MV. As soon as we reach, we went to Mc D lower ground to get Mc Flurry to eat while waiting d rest to came. After everyone assembly, we discussing a place to sit down and yum cha. FInally everyone agree to go Starbucks.

FYI it was my 1st time enter Starbucks! It was my first time order so expensive drinks!! RM12.10!! Can eat 2 meal adi...hahaha..

Anyway i m having another great day hanging out around wif my primary school friends. Chat inside there for more than 3 hours and talked alot stuff..hehe..Well count this year, it have been 12 years since i friends with Frank and WaiLoon..we are used to be very closed buddy during primary that time but due to study in difference place and environment, we doesnt reli contact each other much..but then, out friendship was still maintain..isn't great? hehe

oh well, time to work out on my assign! GoGo Jackie!


plank ton said...

hey do u mean 3 hours instead of 3 years?? hahahah..

Jackie Loi said...

oh yea rite....swt wrong word...wakaka

Mr Awesome said...

Lol. Chill la. Its starbucks.

Jackie Loi said...

lol sad tau! haha