Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No Electricity again! =(

Walao! Just now my area and Danau Kota no electricity again! It black out for more than 2 hours...sigh! i was doing my work using photoshop..at d moment i finish save, suddenly "POP!!"...no electricity. i was like WTF!? Luckily i ngam ngam save my thing..lol!

well, luckily i have my secret "weapon" to save my day while no electricity! guess what? check it out d pic below! LOL!
* Tadaa! Torch Light gun! *
* See! I told you is gun! LOL! *
* Yeng rite ? hahaha *

actually this "weapon" doesnt required any energy supply nor battery. It use frictional force to generate the light. Wee! This "weapon" so cool =D