Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nuffnang Blogger Gathering Part 2

finally i got all the pics from Zhao. Thanks alot dude =D..ur DSLR was d best! LOL!!!!

* Swt my face like ham sap lou now XD *

* Angel the Chilis Promoter *

* Jeffro and Vic *

* we are like those artist who walking into some big event. Wink wink =) *

* watching old guy playing foosball *

* Zhao VS Jeffro. And Jeffro won! LOL! *

* Let GURU teach u how to hit ball *

* sei ham sap lou kuai seong san (pervert guy been possessed by ghost) *

* I am force to take pic wif him -,-" *

* Do-Re-Mi *

Well, it was a nice gathering afterall =D..hope to c u guys in next gathering. Hope more blogger will attend =D