Monday, February 16, 2009

Nuffnang Blogger Gathering

Yesterday was d day for every blogger of Nuffnang who stay in KL area waited for! Yes it was a gathering! Gathering peep! was my very first time meeting wif other blogger! at 1st i expect alot ppl will show up..but ended up just 8 of us which is me, victoria (Vox), Angel, Jeffrey (Joshm), Zhao, Kai Chi (BurningIce), Aaron (aarondotcom) and Su Ann (suannt).


yesterday early morning i already fetch vic and angel from tarc. since is still early, i tod we are going Jaya Jusco for a drinks or breakfast first. But since they insist wanna go MV straight, so i just drive to there. I dunno d way to there but vic does, so she show me d road, which using d very very far road..from connaught -,-..LOL!!

Once we reach MV, time was still they suggested to play bowling first but it ended up i playing alone..just for one game..LOL! well it was fun play bowling! my very first game for this year! LOL!!

* MV Bowling center *

After that we walk around MV and finally angel wan to have a drinks in expression that time was "WHAT!! NOT AGAIN!!! ARRRRHHH!!" but automatically i followed her plan without any resistance -,-..LOL!! So i order a chocolate chip cream..or d name was soemthing like that i cost me RM16.5!! Walao!! more expensive than i got for last 2 weeks! like drop to sea liao..sigh

* My Choco Chip drink *

* Camwhore XD *

* Me & Angel *

after drinks and chichating for one hours and more, ppl started to appear. first came was jeffro, next was zhao and Kai Chi. That time was already lunch time and I-FORGOT-WHO suggested to eat at Sushi king..but SK was full like hell mad...and suddenly Zhao said "This world there is alwiz a place call CHILIS!!" expression that time was "WTF!! CHILIS!!"..*sorry zhao..not blamming u...just i m way too kiam siap adi sometime XD *....but hey! to be honest..this was my first time eat at! I kinda like d way and portion they served..and their food not bad eh except d pasta ordered by vic and! but anyway...nice,big portion..n d price is a huge impact for me as well..sigh T__T..inside d Chilis we met Aaron and Su Ann. they wasn't joining us since they go their own plan..couple la tu! LOL!!

* We dare Jeffro go wish Happy Birthday to that Ang Moh *

* And Victoria following him too! *

* Ended up she took pic wif tat ang moh *

Our Candid Pictures







* The food *


* Us *

after finish our lunch, we supposely go for bowling as suggested by Kai Chi. But it ended up the bowling was full and d environment that time was DISCO! it hurt my eyes so much -,-...after that i suggested to went for pool to play..but hey! Kai Chi is underage to enter and play!! but who care -,-..he juz enter and play wif me..this was my 2nd time playing pool and he seem like dun believe it when he c my skill XD..hahaha..jeffro and zhao was playing futtsal at there

* Balls *

* The two underage kids *

* Kai Chi showing off his skill *

* My turn *

oh well, i lost to kai chi in pool..damn! I'll revenge next year when he turn 18 years old..wakakka..after that v walk around MV and finally move our butt to Garden. Zhao was going back adi that time. We walk around garden and sit at those FREE-SEATING-SOFA and chitchatting at there for almost 1 hours+. At that moment, they was playing (i mean them!! Not me!! I innocent T__T) guess ppl boobs size and rate ppl look.omg!! Sound like a bunch of desperate guys and girls..and from tat time onward all of us know what d reason Kai Chi dun like big boobs (as response to angel blog post)..because..he was...GAY!! Muahahahhaha!! I pity his gf man! LOL!!

* Our last pics *

After that, Jeffro guide me out from MV area until reach back Cheras. From there, i know how to drive back to setapak coz joe taught me once. So i was just fetching angel back. i tod gonna fetch her till her home but her dad gonna pick her up at wangsa maju LRT make my work easier..hahaha..i was totally worn out yesterday after reach home. i slept at freaking!

anyway, special thanks to Jeffro for most of d pics. It was from his camera. More pics was with Zhao. I'll upload it after i get from him =)