Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our V & A

First of all, Happy Valentine day to everyone n this world =D. Valentine Day can be considered as a sacred day to all couple and it was every1 oppurtunity to show their love to the 1 they loved.

BTW, who will expect that i manage to celebrate this year V&A with my angel =D. What is V&A? V = Valentine and A = Anniversary. Yes! For thos who dunno our sweet history, our Anniversary fall on 14th Feb equivalent to Valentine Day! Sweet huh? we officially been together for 2 years =)..hope more to come in future.

back to main topic, my angel was coming back from malacca to kl to settle some of her competition stuff and i agree to help her. In order word, v din went out to celebrate instead doing work. oh well, it doesnt matter as long as i can see her..rite peep?

Yesterday early morning i went to play badminton wif joe, nikita & David somewhere near Taman Melati hall. Wow, it have been 2 or 3 years since i play badminton and hold my racquet. i went to take my racquet from my cupboard and it already super dusty man! LOL!! eventhough i long time din play, it seem i still can maintain my standard..cewah! hahaha..and i play for 2 hours none stop. Is that mean my stamina very good? LOL...who know? hahaha..btw, one of my finger that alwiz cause me problem finally injured..sigh..i having difficulty in holding racquet but i just dont care it and continued play like usual.

After finish d game, 4 of us went to a mamak stall that located behind Ong Tai Kim for lunch. The mamak stall food not bad la..but i dun feel d food there was cheap like they said. After tat, joe fetch me back home. As soon as i reach home, i quickly take a rest and went to bath. After my angel settle her stuff in her house, i went to fetch her.

Well, it seem i m her full time driver yesterday XD..we went to alot places to take pics such as air panas, prima setapak, genting klang, teratai mewah, danau kota, setapak indah and even at TBR! LOL! what are all this pics purpose for? if u guys realise my right side column in my blog, i mentioned that my angel manage to make it top 20 for nescafe kickstart competition. so now she required to make not more than 3 min video about her business plan. So that all pics was her material in her video.

After finish taking all d pics, i fetch her back to my house and start our work. we couldn't finish d video as d time being no choice and hungry because of dinner time, i went to get dinner wif her in Sweet Delight. sound familiar? refer to my last year post XD...we actually order 2 chicken chop rice, but in d receipt they just type 1 chicken chop rice. So thats mean v got discount for Rm7.50! YAY!! i wonder is the felor mistaken or is a valentine promotion? haha..but i feel bad for the shop oh well..NASI SUDAH JADI BUBUR..LOL!!!

after that we continue the video and it took us around 3 hours to finish evcerything. So overall all d video is great and no kecacatan. After settle down everything, i fetch my angel back to her house and that time already....12am!! Walao! her parents gonna kill her and me T___T...btw, when i on d way back, i almost hit that damn motocyclist! Shit him for din follow d traffic light rules and accelerate when red in the traffic light!

Anyway i have a sweet time to spend wif my angel. I wish all couple in this world as happy as me (or even More more more happy than me..LOL!)