Saturday, February 28, 2009

Talkinator - Chatbox for Wordpress Blogger

Just help Carmen (as her birthday present =P) to install a great widget for Wordpress Blogger use. It was a type of chatbox known as Talkinator.

Key in the code in ur website to get Talkinator
NOTE : Only for wordpress user (i guess =P)

How to configure ur Talkinator? Here is ur FAQ

Configuring your Talkinator is simple! Set the parameters and click the "generate" button. Post that code in your website and you're good to go! Also, definitely read the terms of service below!

Note: you can also specify usernames for your room - read below.


You can vary the width of your talkinator here. Remember to hit "generate" after any value change!


You can vary the height of your talkinator here.


Specify the RGB value of the color you want your talkinator to be. For example, FFFFFF is white. 000000 is black. Here's a list of common values.


The name of your Talkinator is very important. If you name your talkinator "MyRoom" and paste the code into your webpage, then anyone going to your page will enter that room. However, if someone else uses "MyRoom" as their talkinator room name on their webpage, then your two webpages will be in the same room!

This is very handy if lets say you and your friend want the same talkinator room on both your social network pages. (That way any of your friends viewing either page are talking in the same room).

If you want a more custom room, pick a longer, less common name.


Specifying the username must be added manually to the code (once you get it from the right) with the "u=" query parameter.

Its not specified in the "get the code" popup, but you can specify your users' usernames. However, you need to do that programmatically according to your website. For example, if your user signs in and then your site uses the variable "<%=username%>" to hold their name, your code might look like:

If your site does not have usernames or you don't know how to add this type of code, just ignore the username parameter (i.e., just use the code you get from the right, as-is) and usernames will be auto-generated


Anonymous said...

hi, i'm using wordpress. I just want to ask you how to key in the talkinator code into the website? Where to paste it? -shopwithaclick-