Monday, March 30, 2009

Nuffnang Gathering @ Pavillion : Part 1 (Coffee Bean, Food Court & Starbucks)

Note : Jackie, Angel, Ken, Bernard, Greg, Jeffrey, Kai Chi, Vun, CwKen, Zhao, Diese, Alex, Kwong Fei, Suresh and Jess are the people who join the gathering.

Yo finally i got my pics from "my photographer"..hehe..special courtesy and thx to Cwken & Jeffro =D. I attend the gathering with Kwong Fei & Vun as soon as i finished my class that day. Kwong Fei waited me outside UCSI and he fetched me & Vun to Pavillion. He parked his car at Jalan Alor there since it was flat rate, RM3 for per days. then we walked all d way from there to PV.

Some paiseh things happen when we reached PV. We asked the reception counter where is Coffee Bean located and she pointed us d Coffee Bean towards d open air area (padahal d Coffee Bean that they gather was juz right at the center of PV.

* Error : It was Coffee Bean, not DOME..LOL my bad...*

Upon my arrival, v sat down and chit chatting while d "photographer" busy taking our pics. Hehehe..once i see there are around 6~7 DSLR, i immediately keep my digicam and dowan show it..hahaha..

Later we moved to food court for lunch.At there, they keep taking pics before ordered for food..LOL...i guess i gonna join d gang soon when i getting myself a DSLR XD..

We chill at food court for around 1 hour and then Zhao suggested to continue at Starbucks. We went to both Starbucks store inside PV but obviously the outlet couldn't occupied the amount people of us..LOL...i guess Zhao kinda frustrated and the way to cheers every1 else was to camwhore around again XD..haha

Later we walk back to lower ground and ended up standing on the middle stair, watching people playing F1 game. The guard there seem pissed off on us and keep asking us not to stand nor sit on the stair..LOL..all of us kinda pissed. We couldn't get a place to chill around..Coffee Bean and DOME was full wif human being...later, our main character finally reached! Jess! Zhao brought her to us.

At the instant she reach, she straight away camwhore with others nuffnanger, LOL..After every1 assemble, final pics was taken. At 1st they asked the reception counter lady to do d job, but for some reason i dunno why she refuse. Ended up every1 display their DSLR on reception counter table and set timer for d group pics..LOL..i saw d lady kinda shock see their action..LOL!!

After took d final pics, Jeffro, Suresh and Alex went back while me, Kwong Fei, Vun and Bernard went for movie, accompanied by Kaichi for 30 min,LOL..the rest group stay at DOME for chilling.

Well tats d noon part for my blogger gathering. For my night part u may click here for references.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nuffnang Gathering @ Pavillion : Part 2 (GSC & Jalan Alor)

Eh why part 2 before part 1? oh well i waiting people to send me those pic actually we do have part 2 where after jess came for not long. Kwong Fei wanted to watch movie since this is d only chance he got. So ended up me, Kwong Fei, Vun & Bernard went for d movie. Kaichi was following us as well but he went back on 5.30pm. Five of us head to GSC, Pavillion for movie after leaving Zhao group who currently "yumcha" at Dome.

We couldn't decide what movie to watch and finally Bern said watch KNOWING. We bought 5.35pm show. From there, i notice GSC put a banner showing tat they support Earth Hour by switch off the light from 8.30pm to 9.30pm..haha..After bought d movie tics, 5 of us went down the supermarket to get some drinks. Then we moved to Food Court and get a sit.

We dared kaichi to ask some single or solo lenglui to take pics for us. At 1st he very paiseh and keep rejecting us. Finally he gave up and ended up ask an uncle to take d pics for us, haha..

When the time almost reach 5.30pm, we went to cinema while Kaichi went back home, alone..LOL...well that movie was pretty good. I like d effect they make in d movie. Here is a brief summary of the movie, adapted from

A gripping supernatural thriller of a father who finds a time capsule in his son's school that predicts the end of the world and discovers their direct connection to it.

At the end the earth was reli destroy by the Sun heat and new generation of Adam & Hawa sent to other planet by alien..hahaha..well watch it gusy if u like thriller type movie. Is highly recommended! At least better than "The day the Earth Stood Still".

After watched movie, four of us headed to Jalan Alor for dinner. It was my first time being that street. Or i should said i dun even know there is a street nearby Sg Wang.
* KL Tower. Waiting till 8.30pm for them to switch off the light *

It seem quite populor by those tourist and almost the whole street full wif restaurant and hawker stall. Due to confusion and dunno which stall to eat, we randomly choose a stall, "Restoran Sai Woo"..
* From Left : Vun, Me & Bernard *

well basically nth special on this restaurant, it was just like normal hawker stall. I think their price for all food are standard, RM5. We even ordered a fried mushroom + salad for RM10, kinda expensive. After finished eat, we sit down there and chit chatting about blog thingy, innit member and quick way to earn seem Kwong Fei reli da boss to influence ppl for earning..haha

* See pro take pic. Combination of Digital Camera and handphone flash (as external flash) *

* Fried Keuy Teow *

* I forgot what mee is this...*

* Pan Mee *

* Fried Mushroom *

oh beside! it was Earth Hour! I forgot to take d pic where KL Tower switch off d light. As i know Alor Street no one off d light..LOL..Around 9++pm, Kwong Fei fetch all of us back. He put down Vun at Hang Tuah station, Bern at Titiwangsa (his hostel) and me at my home. When i reach home i was alone because my parent went out for Farenheit concert adi..LOL..anyway it was a nice gathering.i got to meet few people who i never chat in innit before and gain some additional knowledge on DSLR. thanks for Cwken for this!

p/s after watching KNOWING, i feel scare to take train & Aeroplane XD

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last Class for Life Drawing

Finally today is d last class for life drawing! It have been almost 2 months spend time wif my lecturer, Mr Ernesto. I reli respect and like him as my drawing lecturer. He reli open my eyes and mind very wide!

This morning i woke up on 6am and went out on 6.30am. The reason i went uni so early is to do my Trditional Animation assign by using the light box in my studio. I reach uni around 8am and started doing my work..i drew few frames and give up at last coz i forgot to check how many frames i need for d next dialog..LOL

due to boredoom..i start camwhore..XD

Today he gave us final task in class. He allowed us to draw whatever we like! Wooo! finally! the most best assignment i ever have in drawing class! so without hesitating, i drew a Kamen Rider Kazaf, my own creation riders that appear in my Kamen Rider Hercules fictions. hehehe...Since it was last day spend time wif my beloved lecturer, all of us decided to take a pics as memories.

* From Left : Me, Usaid, Alan, Ernesto, Eng Kiat & Suli *

* candid version *

after that class end, is time for me fly to Pavillion to attend Nuffnang Gathering. Will write about it when i received all d pics from "my photographer"..hehee

Friday, March 27, 2009

Comment on Ms Malaysia 2009 Pageant

Received another email again from my sis today. It was about our Ms Malaysia this year and comment from 3 unknown ppl. It kinda hilarious =P

1. Chiew Hwey Wen (Viviane)
Kuala Lumpur
Flight attendant (Trainee).

OK la but looks too old for a 23yrd old girl, waste time lar..

So so ler...
Got the 'trendy' airport look.....waste her own time and our time onli

MOUTH....too big!
NOSE...too round!
Looks like 28!
Not BAD!

2. Low Lay Kuen (Petula)
Kuala Lumpur

Waste People's TIME

Her chin very sharp ar... got hair do to match also

Please tell me I am BLIND!

3. Lina Chin
Flight attendant.

Why all flight attendant? Anyway, so so only.. the look a bit kampung. Better work in Hair saloon

Kenot... tsk tsk..... just kenot lar

Obsolutely BLIND!

4. Chong Siew Mei (Venus)
Pursuing Diploma in Science.

The EYE! The EYE! One round one sharp! Like that oso can???

Ok mar this one!
Only the face a bit longish lar....

Yes ...the EYE!

5. Wang Lee Choo (Samantha)
Shah Alam

No comments, my neighbour's aunty lagi pretty

.................the face very ah lian..
can't get my focus of her mole leh....


6. Beatrice Wong Xiao Yun
Image consultant trainer.

Yup, she need to consult herself!

Wah...!!! This one can get at the 'ham chin peng' shop.. or bak kut teh shop

Everything not at the right place! (Senget abit)

7. Hing Huey Min ( Florence )
Company director (modelling company)

Wah!! Company director!! Should look even better in person!

Chun!!! But her eyebrows like one straight line (from ear to ear)....
Prolly shl;d get it trimmed yah..

Like cartoon only!
Eyebrow match her lips!

8. Lee Yeik Chong (Apple)
Draftperson (Architectural)

From china one ah?? Kannasai man... balik kampung lah!!

She's looking at who ar? Please lar, dao gai ngann oso can???

GOSH, anybody can explain why is she here?!!

9. How Chia Yen (Sherine)
Kuala Lumpur
Pursuing Bachelor of Arts(Multimedia).

Aiya where got chance

Wah..... this one also available at the 'ham chin peng' shop.... Ah Seng, Ham Chin Peng Jit der !!

Like kueh TALAM!

10. Yeo Siew Hui (Vivien)
Johor Bahru
Pursuing Bachelor of Science(Biotechnology).
OK THIS IS one of the best!

Sweet..... wonder if she's got any 'dark' secrets?


11. Lim May Ling (Chloe)
Kuala Lumpur
Pursuing MSc in Management.

Kuachi face, i think the face a bit too long.. ei, this year is Horse year meh?

'yau cha kwai' (oil fried ghost) ???

Horse of not horse year, here she is!

12. S'ng Seoh Chien (Shyevin)
Company director.
Shu Chi wanna be but sorry la.. her body not as chun as Shu Chi. Too short !!

Kenot.,,,, eyes too far apart, like Alien 5

Can draw a line to make eyes more closer....

13. Chan Yue Kuan (Denie)
Pursuing Bachelor in Accounting.
Wow, not bad har this one, but more suitable for working in Hair Salon, not any beauty pageant.

Sexy.... The mouth like wanna smile, don wanna smile... good for being GRO

Miang nih!

14. Tong Wei Chan (Melissa)
Kuala Lumpur
Pursuing Bachelor of Business- Accounting.
Wah!! This one chun la, got "GAH SOU" look, can go and advertise for "Lou Hong Kar" bird's nest

Wah lan eh.... Make me feel like eating bak kut teh

She is sweet!

15. Ng Mand Gean (Mandy)
Assistant Manager.
Cannot see the face clearly, purposely " Siam " to one side and hide one ar?

This one got more teeth than an average person....hahaahhaha

The grass is always greener than the other side!

16. Tung Hsin Hsin (Audrey)
Civil Engineer.
No comments

In future.... Sure the auntie auntie type at the pasar and knows everybody

Too fake! (u know)

17. Ching Chooi Mei (Ashley)
Freelance writer.
Wah lan, like that my mother and aunty oso can go loh!!!

Total loss!!! Ah Seng! Goh Jit Der Ham Chin Peng !!!

Please bring a pail...i want to vomit!

18. Tan Yng Hui (Vivian)
Flight attendant.
Damn, eyes too big, and looks very aunty... Oi , Malaysia no more leng lui oredi meh ????!!!!

Sure win a lot of arguments with that blur blur 'what!' face

What a face!

19. Lee Yoke Mooi (Charmaine)
Kuala Lumpur
Flight attendant.
No one tell her not to waste time meh??? Must give her Courage Prize

Her eyes very far from the other facial features ar.... The nose so low, and mouth too big, teeth not nice, eye brow like hantu, wah lao!!! Go home lah !!!!!

How can this be?

20. Michelle Lee Mee Suet
Pursuing Bachelor of Science(Computing).
What happen to all the pageants EYE THIS YEAR!! My 55 years old mother even looks prettier

Anybody feel like eating bak kut teh?
Maybe with ham chin peng also? I think not enuf lar...add

Canteen lady looks much more better.