Friday, March 27, 2009

Comment on Ms Malaysia 2009 Pageant

Received another email again from my sis today. It was about our Ms Malaysia this year and comment from 3 unknown ppl. It kinda hilarious =P

1. Chiew Hwey Wen (Viviane)
Kuala Lumpur
Flight attendant (Trainee).

OK la but looks too old for a 23yrd old girl, waste time lar..

So so ler...
Got the 'trendy' airport look.....waste her own time and our time onli

MOUTH....too big!
NOSE...too round!
Looks like 28!
Not BAD!

2. Low Lay Kuen (Petula)
Kuala Lumpur

Waste People's TIME

Her chin very sharp ar... got hair do to match also

Please tell me I am BLIND!

3. Lina Chin
Flight attendant.

Why all flight attendant? Anyway, so so only.. the look a bit kampung. Better work in Hair saloon

Kenot... tsk tsk..... just kenot lar

Obsolutely BLIND!

4. Chong Siew Mei (Venus)
Pursuing Diploma in Science.

The EYE! The EYE! One round one sharp! Like that oso can???

Ok mar this one!
Only the face a bit longish lar....

Yes ...the EYE!

5. Wang Lee Choo (Samantha)
Shah Alam

No comments, my neighbour's aunty lagi pretty

.................the face very ah lian..
can't get my focus of her mole leh....


6. Beatrice Wong Xiao Yun
Image consultant trainer.

Yup, she need to consult herself!

Wah...!!! This one can get at the 'ham chin peng' shop.. or bak kut teh shop

Everything not at the right place! (Senget abit)

7. Hing Huey Min ( Florence )
Company director (modelling company)

Wah!! Company director!! Should look even better in person!

Chun!!! But her eyebrows like one straight line (from ear to ear)....
Prolly shl;d get it trimmed yah..

Like cartoon only!
Eyebrow match her lips!

8. Lee Yeik Chong (Apple)
Draftperson (Architectural)

From china one ah?? Kannasai man... balik kampung lah!!

She's looking at who ar? Please lar, dao gai ngann oso can???

GOSH, anybody can explain why is she here?!!

9. How Chia Yen (Sherine)
Kuala Lumpur
Pursuing Bachelor of Arts(Multimedia).

Aiya where got chance

Wah..... this one also available at the 'ham chin peng' shop.... Ah Seng, Ham Chin Peng Jit der !!

Like kueh TALAM!

10. Yeo Siew Hui (Vivien)
Johor Bahru
Pursuing Bachelor of Science(Biotechnology).
OK THIS IS one of the best!

Sweet..... wonder if she's got any 'dark' secrets?


11. Lim May Ling (Chloe)
Kuala Lumpur
Pursuing MSc in Management.

Kuachi face, i think the face a bit too long.. ei, this year is Horse year meh?

'yau cha kwai' (oil fried ghost) ???

Horse of not horse year, here she is!

12. S'ng Seoh Chien (Shyevin)
Company director.
Shu Chi wanna be but sorry la.. her body not as chun as Shu Chi. Too short !!

Kenot.,,,, eyes too far apart, like Alien 5

Can draw a line to make eyes more closer....

13. Chan Yue Kuan (Denie)
Pursuing Bachelor in Accounting.
Wow, not bad har this one, but more suitable for working in Hair Salon, not any beauty pageant.

Sexy.... The mouth like wanna smile, don wanna smile... good for being GRO

Miang nih!

14. Tong Wei Chan (Melissa)
Kuala Lumpur
Pursuing Bachelor of Business- Accounting.
Wah!! This one chun la, got "GAH SOU" look, can go and advertise for "Lou Hong Kar" bird's nest

Wah lan eh.... Make me feel like eating bak kut teh

She is sweet!

15. Ng Mand Gean (Mandy)
Assistant Manager.
Cannot see the face clearly, purposely " Siam " to one side and hide one ar?

This one got more teeth than an average person....hahaahhaha

The grass is always greener than the other side!

16. Tung Hsin Hsin (Audrey)
Civil Engineer.
No comments

In future.... Sure the auntie auntie type at the pasar and knows everybody

Too fake! (u know)

17. Ching Chooi Mei (Ashley)
Freelance writer.
Wah lan, like that my mother and aunty oso can go loh!!!

Total loss!!! Ah Seng! Goh Jit Der Ham Chin Peng !!!

Please bring a pail...i want to vomit!

18. Tan Yng Hui (Vivian)
Flight attendant.
Damn, eyes too big, and looks very aunty... Oi , Malaysia no more leng lui oredi meh ????!!!!

Sure win a lot of arguments with that blur blur 'what!' face

What a face!

19. Lee Yoke Mooi (Charmaine)
Kuala Lumpur
Flight attendant.
No one tell her not to waste time meh??? Must give her Courage Prize

Her eyes very far from the other facial features ar.... The nose so low, and mouth too big, teeth not nice, eye brow like hantu, wah lao!!! Go home lah !!!!!

How can this be?

20. Michelle Lee Mee Suet
Pursuing Bachelor of Science(Computing).
What happen to all the pageants EYE THIS YEAR!! My 55 years old mother even looks prettier

Anybody feel like eating bak kut teh?
Maybe with ham chin peng also? I think not enuf lar...add

Canteen lady looks much more better.


Josh said...


Jackie Loi said...

ya rite...should i change d title? XD

LiquidSilver said...

haha, the comments make them look worst ><
stop it la..

WayeYoung said...

I don't think they can make it for Miss Malaysia =.="

Look and Levy Li and compare with them.

Is this for your university one?? lol.

Jackie Loi said...

haha but it sound true what XD...except some too hiperbola la..XD

Fumoffu said...

Hmmm.. I went to the website (not sure if it is the correct one). The previous winners already have such eyes lerr..


Somehow, I have a feeling that this is not Ms Malaysia 2009 pageant 'cos I remember seeing Vivien Yeo before.

(Action: googling)

Eh, that's Miss Astro Chinese International for year 2003 lol And yeah, Vivien Yeo won that year. Second goes to Melissa Tong. Third to goes Shyevin XD

Johnny Ong said...

i agree with u that there are tons of leng lui out there on the streets. the issue is those leng luis that u and i noticed didn't apply for the miss malaysia competition.

those that did apply are right here now. fyi, not all leng lui has the courage to do so

Franch said...

All the TRUE malaysian pretty girls are too humble to join this competition lol.

Becklee said...

No. 5 candidate is okay, mah. You must not concentrate on the face only, must see the body that holds the facce oso lah. Plus I think the photographer and the hairstylist not good. Some of the hairstyles can attract birds to nest in it.

Voxy said...

they keep saying ham chin peng and make me hungry but when i look back to their face to see what resembles ham chin peng, i terus no mood to eat! lol

msians so kecian ka??sia sui lo

Roshann said...

wow, this is some bad ****.

sirei said...

so much monkey red ass on their face, feel like slapping the make up artist.
this pageant keeps on getting worse

YilingL said...

I dun think this is Miss Malaysia because Vivien was winner for Miss Astro Chinese a few years back. Also, Mandy looks like that Ms Hong Kong who's now a TVB actress as well. I think it's some forwarded email crap. But if these girls were to go for beauty pageants, well yes I think their beauty is not what we expect.

Allison said...

really miss malaysia 2009? hmm.. maybe they might look better in real.. hehe

theeggyolks said...

Haha!!really funny!! If they are all the real miss malaysia, then all other malaysian girls can just go eat bak kut teh with ham jim peng liao

Joyce L said...

Muahahahahahaha! Great review! I like your style of writing. Shall get ur post Twittered with my Twitter and the other side of the world shall know what's happening in M'sian beauty pageant world. XD

Vincent said...

Seriously? Most of them really cannot la.. What's with the ham chim peng & bak kut teh? Haha..

Anonymous said...

Melissa Tong Wei Chan is pretty

Patrick Foong said...

I am quite disappointed to all who post non-constructive comment...Instead of comment how bad the girls are, why not comment how they should improve..Everyone deserve a chance..
Before saying they are not pretty go to the mirror and look at yourself first..If you are are so great y not go join Mr Malaysia and let other people comment on you...Do you all have the guts..
Who are all of your to be qualify to comment on the pageant..Who do you think you all are...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

No 14 is very pretty.