Saturday, March 07, 2009

Dinner + Yumcha with my bestie =D

today i having dinner together wif my primary school bestie's, Frank, Wailoon, Yvonne & Sooyan. Frank was supposely came my house to do database thingy around 1500 hours. But since he nv been in my area before, he was lost in genting klang..LOL...however under my guideness (cewah, SS), he finally managed to reach my home area XD

I adi tried my best in teaching him whatever i know in database. However this is my first time using 2007 access to do..alot unfamiliar button to figure out but i manage to master it in few minute..i m genius rite? hahaha

* Frank Lappie *

after that he on9 in my house since his line in UM kena chop off..LOL...around 1730 hours, we went to Sri Rampai because he wanna get something at there. After that we straight away went to dinner wif d rest at Cannas Tea House. This is my fourth times been in this tea house for food. It never disappointed me in terms of their food and environment. Very relaxing sitting and chatting around.

Wailoon was rushing from Monash all d way to here to join us dinner, great friend of him =D..he brought his competition model to show us. It was car model that move using rubber string (tension force) and conveyor belt. It was pretty cool and creative for him =D...well, future engineering jealous..LOL

so we have our dinner there and sit chit chating for few hours.

* My dinner, Nyonya Nasi Lemak *

All of us cant stop laughing listening frank story about his UM lecturer. He was taking a subject called AI (Artificial Intelligence). For those who know what is AI, of coz it was related to computer and robot thingy rite? but he told me his 1st assign on this sub was creating a poster using computer. LOL....and his second assignment was most "Zha Dou" 1! he said "my lecturer asked us to use MS Excel and listed down 30 shortform word tat we use in SMS or MSN. For eg : What the Hell = WTH, Kanasai = KNS, You=U and etc". OMG! We all couldn't stop laughing hearing tat stu assign XD..

btw, i manage to steal a sms from 1 of my friend...i m not gonna reveal who is him but..i dare to said this is d most stupid SMS i ever seen! WTF!


Few hours after eating at there, Yvonne suddenly said wanna go cola club to listen ppl sing. So after a few minutes discussion, finally we moved out butt to Cola Club tat located not far from d Tea House. Well we get some so called "VIP" seat in there and there were two singer. 1 of them was wearing hat and play guitar and 1 looks like nerd..LOL

So frank told us tat we can actually request any song to them to sing..then me,frank and yvonne reli wrote those song list kao kao for them to sing was as long as A4 list and only our table who did funny XD..hahaha..i guess d singer was afraid on us adi. However they not reli know sing most of d song..but overall they have great talent. They can sing Yoga Lin - Bo Le quite 1 table requesting them to sing Xiao Jiu Wo by JJ Lin and Ah Sa. The guy was joking and said "do we looks like a guy and a girl on stage? how are we suppose to sing this duet song?" then he pretend to sing JJ part and Ah Sa part by using guy and girl funny XD..hahaha

anyway we are having fun listening song in Cola Club. We ordered French Fries with cola taste..kinda nice and d price quite reasonable. After that Frank fetch sooyan and yvonne back while wailoon fetching me back. I m having fun gather wif them today =D


Mr Awesome said...

LOL. who send u that la? xD

Jackie Loi said...

no a sms from a despo guy to my frenz XD..not to me..LOL choi!! i not gay! LOL

Yi Ling said...

jackie you sure you not gay? LOL. xD and btw, i think i got the same laptop as your friend O_O presario B1200 o.o haha. it looks the same to me though :/

Jackie Loi said...

ah i dunno what his model..din check XD..btw wei! read properly la..i took d sms pics from my friend phone..noe my phone T__T..

i m not gay!! Ahhhh!!

sirei said...

i hope your myvi is still safe after you publish that message, haha! XD

how's the food in Cola Club?
i just saw a newspaper article about that place and it seems like a cool place to hang out.

aline said...

that's a very funny sms . :P
manjakan? pikat? o.0 I don't understand those words but I kinda understood the sms.

Jackie Loi said...

@ sirei wah sei dun joke wif my baby T___T...the food is nice..d price ok la..quite reasonable..n most importance is they dun have any taxes =D

@aline haha ya funny n stu sms..manja=pampered and pikat=woo/ is malay word =D