Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dragonball Evolution Premier Screening + Gathering with NuffNanger

Finally the day where i gathered and watched Dragonball movie with Nuffnanger over! It was a fun gathering if u ask me. I met alot ppl who i dunno and some even 1st time meet them in person =D. How was d movie? Reveal later! =P

Note : FYI, my extra tics was given to Yong and Eve extra tics given to Peigee.

Yesterday as usual i went to uni for class and class ended on 5pm. I was all d way rushing from uni back to my house with public transport. As soon as i reached my house, i quickly jump to bath room and bath. I get ready myself in the speed of light and went out on 6.30pm by driving my baby. It was my first time travel to far place all d way alone. I was expecting traffic jam on kepong road but it seem d road all d way smooth. Without realising, i reach One Utama on 7.15pm and Eve was reach there too as well.

I met her in frotn FCUK shop and after few second i reach i saw Bernard. 3 of us walked to A&W as we plan to have mini gathering there with few nuffnanger who we close to. Something funny happen when Eve mistakenly tod Waffle World Restaurant was A&W becoz it look familiar..haha..i couldn't stop laughing because A&W just next to that restaurant.
* My Dinner : Waffle + Single Scope Ice Cream *
* My Drink : Root Beer + Single Ice Cream Scope *

Later we meet up the rest people in A&W; Spectra, Isaac, Wen Pink, Yong & Peigee. Yong and Peigee wasn't joining my gang for chit chatting. So only 6 on us from Nuffnang who gather that day. Spectra was not as talkative as he does in Cbox. Bernard was super damn talkative (and talk alot faiwah). Eve, no comment on her..adi knew her for dunno how many years XD..wen pink, 1st time knew her actually and she kinda funny to chat..mayb. Isaac AKA cicak was so quite..he said he sick, dowan talk so much..LOL!

* Left Row : Bernard, Evelyn & Wen Pink, Right Row : Me, Spectra & Isaac (Cicak) *

After d time reach 8.30pm, all of us went to GSC to collect our tics. From there, we can saw alot Nuffnanger who i dunno them at all beside aaron and suann..and yea, sue as well..LOL..
* Tickets Redeemtion Counter *
* Nuffnang Rocks! *

and since d showtime was 9.30pm, we have too many time to waste and doing here come d photography session! XD
* Evelyn, Wen Pink & Isaac *
* Evelyn + Isaac *
* Me and Wen Pink *
* Spectra, Me & Isaac. Technology proven that Isaac shorter than me! XD *
* Evelyn and Me *
* Final Shot, Me & Yong *

Oh well, since it was premier screening, no Handphone and Camera allowed to bring in.WTF! They prepare a special counter where to keep our ILLEGAL ELECTRONIC GADGETS. Before enter the cinema, there are around 4 peoples who scan through ur whole body to check wether u brought any illegal stuff onot..another WTF.

* The ticket for movie *

So here come d movie! Wanna know how d movie? I'll say..WHATTHEFISH! The stupiest movie i ever watched! totally ruin if compared with the original DB Animation. Here i'll list down WHATTHEFISH moment in this movie.

1) Goku was already 18 years old in d movie and he dont have the tail. It still acceptable coz Goku (anime) in teenager doesn't have tail. But, Goku in this movie went to College to study! WHATTHEFISH! And he knew Chi Chi from the same college.

2) Goku in this movie wasn't as naive as d anime. He knew differenciate gender (LOL) and even ask for Gohan (his grandpa) teach him d way to tackle girl. He even know how to style his hair.

3) Gohan was killed by Piccolo and not by Goku in Giant Ape form.

4) Master Roshi from starting seem like a pervert (Prove? When Bulma hold his bikini magazine) but at d middle of d movie he seem like very paiseh when contact wif Bulma (Prove? He grab Bulma butt but immediately release her and cause her fell down when he catch her from falling down in the hole made by Yam Cha).

5) Ka Me Ha Me Ha in anime was a wave kind qigong attack but in d movie was fireball..WHATTHEFISH!

6) Bulma know how to fight wif her double gun..WHATTHEFISH!

7) Goku original name was Kakaroct in anime, a Saiya race. But in movie his original name was Oozaru, his ape form and was Piccolo follower. WHATTHEFISH! Goku can turn into ape (Oozaru) without his tail in the movie and was in human scale size only, not giant ape..WHATTHEFISH!

They are more WHATTHEFISH moment in this movie. So my advice, if u are big fans of Dragonball anime, DONT WATCH THIS MOVIE! It will disappoint you till d max! The beginning of the movie was ok for me but toward d end, i almost fell aslept in d cinema..too boring to c so called KaMeHaMeHa AKA Fireball flying around..SHIT!

After d movie, we went out and chill around outside d cinema while retrieving our gadgets back. I was fetching Bernard and Spectra back while Eve and d rest went to yum cha (not Yam Cha!). Something funny happen when i wanna insert my tic to d exit machine,the machine doesn't want to accept my tic. i keep trying to insert it in all direction but still failed. While i trying hard to stuck in the bloody tic, Bern told me that the "blocker" was open all d time. I was like WTF! Why dun tell me earlier and what for i paid f car park! Paiseh giler!!!

* The 'Souvenir' from One Utama *

Anyway, Spec was staying at SS2 and he said he can direct me d road. But then i dunno why he still can direct me the wrong road. Cause me dunno turn around Damansara area for how long and finally manage to found his location. After that i am still lost and dunno how to go back to One Utama coz i wanna use back Kepong road to back Wangsa Maju. But then we pass by Phileo Damansara and Bernard asked me to use PWTC road to back. Oh well, i guess i was too sleepy and tired that cause me almost killed Bern for twice..hahahaha..he fed up wif my driving skill adi XD...

After sent bern back to his hostel at titiwangsa, i drove back to my house instantly by accelerating all d way on genting klang, ahaha..As soon as i reached home, i quickly open my lappie and do my Visual Comm pity T__T..sleepy yet need do assign. I login to NN a while and manage to chat few of ppl who attended the screening..all comment d movie was funny + sucks..hahaha..i slept around 1.55am after done my work.


流浪汉 瑜伽 Yoga Tramp said...

nice blog, hai friends, u r invite to my blog, thk

Mr Awesome said...

yerrrrrrr. aku tak diajak untuk hangout hangout. hahaha.

sangat menyakitkan hati saya. =[

Jackie Loi said...

@yoga thx for d invitation =D

@ aaron lah jangan la marah..saya ingat kamu join gang kamu sendiri..LOL

Yi Ling said...

LOL. you genius sia! =.=" you dont kill my dear hor! >< ROAR

Jackie Loi said...

lol..sleepy la on wrong direction road for twice..XD

Jeffro said...

LOL! Farney la to hear about the screenings.. and LOL! again for being mislead by a person who is familiar with the road.. hahaha..

nways, thanks for the advise, i shall skip this movie.. =D

Jackie Loi said...

jeffro, hahaha..ya la so funny la spectra..said know road but bring me wrong direction..n i was all d way went until damansara uptown, pass by sunway, KDU, KBU, i also wanna faint adi XD..luckily found way back

ya u should skip this movie if u prefer original DB =D

Mr Awesome said...

ya man. hahahhah. next time i swear to god i join u all. =]

confirm. next outing. =D

Spectre said...

okay my mistake but hey next time went u go to One U,curve u know the route already..... lucky u managed to come back safely

Jackie Loi said...

@ aaron no prob =D...haha

@spectra dun worry, not blaming u..juz feel very sleepy tat time n brain not working well..hahaha...ya luckily manage to back safe..thx to my driving skill..cewah XD

Vincent said...

That was why I banned Dragonball Evolution from my must watch list. Hollywood destroyed it! Say NO to Dragonball Evolution! I'll watch it if they make a proper one. N why must Goku be an american?

wen pink said...

hellloo~~ waseh so fast blogged ady! It was really nice meeting you too!! XD Free then come out yum cha ok? ^_^

Voxy said...

I wasn't there!!! omg! i cant believe it!!!

if i were there, im sure to boo the hell outta the screening~ cx they dun allow me to bring in my hp, and my camera too~~ oh~ if i were there!


Jackie Loi said...

@vincent for me doesnt matter who is d least make d story line interesting..sigh..US keep remake japanese show and worsen it..

@ wenpink hahah this is what v call efficient ma =P..nice meeting u too..yumcha? sure anytime but not anywhere XD

@vic aiya, since is premier screening..i understand geh they dun allow hp and camera coz dowan d movie leak out