Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dying Period!

Wow! Almost a week i din update my blog. Been reli bz this few days plus not much interesting thing happen on me. In response to suetyee blog, yes i agree now is busy period for all UCSI students. For me, it was a dying period! assignment, final presentation & final exam was around the corner! Oh well luckily i just have 1 exam based subject which is MAlaysian Studies. However i need rush for assign for my others sub. Anyway i try to summarize any special event happen on me this few days during my absent =D

Sunday (22/3)

I drive my baby to UCSI wif my dad. Reason? to show him that i know d road to my uni by using MRR2..ahaha..yes i might able to retrieve my baby back on next sem and drive to uni! weee! say good bye to stupid LRT and shuttle bus and welcome to traffic jam! LOL..besides, my dad show me d road using highway. so i got alternate path to go uni if i was in rush =D..eventhough need to pay for d toll.

Monday (23/3)

based on d notice on 1st floor, that day supposely my malaysian studies presentation. So in d early morning i woke up earlier than usual and dress up myself in formal. When i reach uni, i was like WTF! all my groupmate wore white and i m d only wif that reli show tat i m leader? LOL..however unfortunately my group name wasn't called out for d presentation and when me & joe went to check up wif our lecturer, our presentation was on 1st april (april fool! WTF). d lecturer said she nv change our presentation date. so d day itself we blindly dress up formal for nothing..sigh. Later my Art History class was cancel as well. So after Malaysian Studies class, i have around 4 hours free time before next class,Visual Comm. So i made up my mind and went to North Wing campus to pay visit to Pn Hanim & Pn Nikki. In the same time visit Usaid, Gabriel and Wei Hong as well. The main purposed of my visiting was to collect back my both folio for Drafting and Design principle which i submited last 2 sem to them. Pn Hanim was showing my folio to all junior architecture and all of them was shock seeing my freaking idiot super hyper crazy cubes model! hahahaa..i gotta admit my model was freaking crazy because is so hard to cut and consume alot time to done it. I m kinda proud of it =P...

Tuesday (24/3)

6 hours straight Life Drawing class for this day. Oh for every1 information, My life drawing class gonna end on this sat (last class!)! yay 1 sub down! reli thx to Mr Ernesto in teaching us alot principle and human anatomy. No doubt he is d best drawing lecturer i ever met.

We are having little exercise on this day. He asked us to create our own creature bone figure. He allow us to combine those bone from human and animal to create our creature as long as it make sense! So here is my drawing =D

* Click the pic to enlarge *

Looking cool? I was using horn (imagine myself), monkey skull, monkey rip, monkey hand, monkey+horse pelvis, horse tail, bear head, horse leg, human feet and a pair of wings (imagine myself). was reli fun doing something from my own imagination, this is what i like most in drawing =). but i prefer draw d outer skin of my creature, not bone..haha

Wednesday (25/3)

Another 6 hours for life drawing class. Gahh! can u guys imagine i 1 week got 15 hours for life drawing class? (tues 6 hours, wed 6 hours and sat 3 hours). Anyway d suffer will end by this sat..muahahaha...but i gonna miss d lecturer

so our assign for that day drawing was draw back our creature (from tues) but in difference view. So here are mine from side view =D.

* Click the pic to enlarge *

Ok nth much develop on my drawing. But at least i manage to show horse leg structure from side view. Saw d tail wif bear bone attach at d end? tats what i did =D..haha..freaking creatures

Thursday (26/3)

Today was Traditional Animation subject. Usually every thurs i'll went to meet Ee for chatting before my class started (my class started on 9am and most of d time i reach uni on 7.30am). However today i was sleeping, yes i m sleeping! alone in my studio coz Ee wanna study for her exam today. It was so boring for me to reach so early in d uni and do nothing. In addition, d stu air cond was not functioning in d whole 4th floor of block C..geez, so hot when i m sleeping in d studio. Mr Rini today gave us final assign. Metamorphosis! We required to create and animation wif storyline that contain Metamorphosis process. D duration was not less than 1 min. Walao! Imagine 24frames/second..1 min = 1440 frames...die! hahahahaha....beside we are now doing lips sync task as i can die adi for this 2 animation assign..LOL...hope i can go through...

oh besides, i adi do my course selection for next sem. I just able to enroll for 3 sub next sem due to d remained sub wasn't offer..mean i have to take 2 subs during short sem this year.sigh...3 sub = 10 creadit hours uni min creadit hours was 12 or 15 creadit hours. so i went to complain to Mr Teh and hinting him tat i wanna take 2nd year sub to occupied my creadit hours. Sadly he doesn't allow and said "for local ppl, is alright for not enuf creadit hours"..WTF!! LOL..i can predict adi i m super free next sem. I juz having 4 days class per week. Each day 1 so so sienz travelling lidat..

I guess all my class gonna end on 16th april. After that sem break!! Is time to play!! Oh yea i promise joe adi tat both of us will go out and survey for DSLR price and which model we gonna buy. We gonna take basic photography sub next sem together. I will having same class wif joe in Basic Photography and Design & Layout sub next sem. Besides, i'll same class wif Syeet Yeng in Film Studies on next sem. well at least still can meet them..after tat wun b tat often anymore. Anyway i m glad i started to develop my social skill..get to know alot ppl from dif course now..and ppl from nuffnang/innit too. Love you guys so much =D

time to kick my butt to do assign. Peace out!