Friday, March 20, 2009

Journey Through the Sunway Pyramid

Joke of the day : *ring ring*...hello mui ah! Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Pyramid same ah? LOL!

* Bro & Sis *

Last week i adi promise to meet my pet sis, Kim for meeting and movie in Sunway pyramid. We wanted to watch Love Matter. Sigh, release so long liao now only i got chance to watch..all my friends watch adi -,-. So i woke up late this morning and rush to prepare myself to go out. Before i manage settle my hair, my dad adi rush me to go out. So being no choice, i went out wif my dad wif half style hair..LOL

I took LRT from Wangsa Maju till Kelana Jaya, d last station on Kelana line! Wow! Sit until butt also pain. besides, i met parvinder in d train. I was stood in front of him and v keep looking each other..wondering each other. FInally we manage to recorgnize each other and chat a while before he went down at Masjid Jamek. After reach Kelana Jaya, i took T623 Rapid KL to Sunway Pyramid.

To be honest it was my 2nd time been here. d 1st time was like....7~8 years ago? i dun reli remember..sigh..d most paiseh thing was i dunno which is sunway lagoon n which is sunway pyramid *refer to my joke of the day today*...well v promised to meet at 12 but i reach around 11. Since being 2nd times in here, i grab this oppurtunity to walk around d shopping mall like a noob who 1st time been in pyramid. I manage to found ice skating place! It kinda crowded wif ppl..i wish i could play someday with my friends =D( hinting hinting to someone! *wink wink*) . i also saw alot nice clothes! I feel like buying it but no money..aik! CNY just over for almost 2 months and my shopping mood now only came..WTF!
* I suppose that is entrance to Sunway Lagoon *
* I dunno what park is tat.. Scream park? *
* Inside pyramid *
* ground floor *
* Ahh! I also wanna skate! *

b4 12, kim adi reach! wow she so punctual eh. V met in front the TGI Friday restaurant. My 1st impression on her : wah she so tall 1! LOL...besides her voice is reli cute like small kid..she even can make alot funny face expression and told alot cold joke to me..haha

We went to redeem tic at TGV. Paiseh la, actually i wan redeem it 1st b4 she came but i coudln't find d cinema..swt giler. After that we went to get our lunch at a ramen shop. I forgot what d shop something Ajisen Ramen if i not mistaken..i plan to order a spicy food, so i order some ramen wif HOT name on it (forgot what d name). but d food ended up not hot and spicy, but abit sweet..LOL..overall d meal there was not so bad. We chit chat at there while waiting movie time to reach.

* My so called HOT mee... *

The cinema kinda punctual also..exactly 1.45pm d movie started (d advertisement was earlier). Well that movie was kinda funny! Both of us laugh none stop on certain scene. But i do realise d movie got some scene wasn't include like in d trailer. For eg the scene where "when the phone ring, green green. I pink up the phone and said yellow. Blue is this? White do u want? u dun purplely call me or i wont call u black" and a scene where Lum Tak Weng said girl got 3 stage which is 1st stage they said "dowan dowan" and last stage they said "dun dun, dun stop it"..hahahaa..i wonder izzit too sencored? LOL..

* Love Matters 18PL? *

d movie was 2 hours lenght. After d movie, we went to a area to take sticker pictures. YAY! It have been long time since i took those pic..hahaa..and this is 1st time i go edit d pic b4print it out.

* Miss no good? hahaha *

After that, we went to comic paradise because i was attracted by Dragon Quest series. I bought d last four volume of d comic as my collection.

* A dragonball event. This is d real Super Saiya! *

When d time almost reach 5, we went back by taking bus. So i from there take bus then train. it was crowded wif ppl due to rush hour..LOL..anyway another great outing for me today because it was my first time meeting kim. And first time exploring Pyramid...
* Comics that i bought today *