Thursday, March 05, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade Episode 6 (Battel Trial - Ryuki World)

Kamen rider Decade Ep 6 1/3

Kamen rider Decade Ep 6 2/3

Kamen rider Decade Ep 6 3/3

Comment : Wow at 1st i m abit confuse wif what happen in ryuki world..but toward the end i understand finally. I love the new actor for Shinji but Ren...WTF! not cool enuf and super old + ugly! LOL!! I love the henshin sequence when Kiva (Decade) change form. Next ep! Ryuki Final Form ride appear!

p/s it was so funny when decade said "move move move! Dont' move! It'll hurt you more! FINAL ATTACK RIDER, RIDER KICK"..LOL!!