Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last Class for Life Drawing

Finally today is d last class for life drawing! It have been almost 2 months spend time wif my lecturer, Mr Ernesto. I reli respect and like him as my drawing lecturer. He reli open my eyes and mind very wide!

This morning i woke up on 6am and went out on 6.30am. The reason i went uni so early is to do my Trditional Animation assign by using the light box in my studio. I reach uni around 8am and started doing my work..i drew few frames and give up at last coz i forgot to check how many frames i need for d next dialog..LOL

due to boredoom..i start camwhore..XD

Today he gave us final task in class. He allowed us to draw whatever we like! Wooo! finally! the most best assignment i ever have in drawing class! so without hesitating, i drew a Kamen Rider Kazaf, my own creation riders that appear in my Kamen Rider Hercules fictions. hehehe...Since it was last day spend time wif my beloved lecturer, all of us decided to take a pics as memories.

* From Left : Me, Usaid, Alan, Ernesto, Eng Kiat & Suli *

* candid version *

after that class end, is time for me fly to Pavillion to attend Nuffnang Gathering. Will write about it when i received all d pics from "my photographer"..hehee