Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My Collection

I was a big fans of Digimon when i was kids that time! I collect various things of Digimon such as toys, cards, digivice and games for PS One. I still keep that very well until today =D..haha..i very appreciated my treasure.

* Mooncake box? No-no! Is my treasure box! =D *
* See, my collection *
* Upper view *
* Eyes level view *
* Front view *
* My favourite Digimon. Old style Agumon *
* My digivices *
"Bring your toys to d class for drawing", said Mr Ernesto last week. Once he said that, i dig my well hide treasure in my room and brought to class. To b honest this is 1st time i draw Digimon actually =D and my lecturer kinda satisfy wif my drawing..wee!


Yi Ling said...

WAH. your collection. pwned. LOL.

Jackie Loi said...

haha got cards summor =P..but dunno put where adi only

sirei said...

i try to collect urban vinyl but not much space in my room...

i have those digivices too! but i think i lost them or sold them... i dunno! XP

Jackie Loi said...

haha cool! finally a digimon fans like me =D