Monday, March 30, 2009

Nuffnang Gathering @ Pavillion : Part 1 (Coffee Bean, Food Court & Starbucks)

Note : Jackie, Angel, Ken, Bernard, Greg, Jeffrey, Kai Chi, Vun, CwKen, Zhao, Diese, Alex, Kwong Fei, Suresh and Jess are the people who join the gathering.

Yo finally i got my pics from "my photographer"..hehe..special courtesy and thx to Cwken & Jeffro =D. I attend the gathering with Kwong Fei & Vun as soon as i finished my class that day. Kwong Fei waited me outside UCSI and he fetched me & Vun to Pavillion. He parked his car at Jalan Alor there since it was flat rate, RM3 for per days. then we walked all d way from there to PV.

Some paiseh things happen when we reached PV. We asked the reception counter where is Coffee Bean located and she pointed us d Coffee Bean towards d open air area (padahal d Coffee Bean that they gather was juz right at the center of PV.

* Error : It was Coffee Bean, not DOME..LOL my bad...*

Upon my arrival, v sat down and chit chatting while d "photographer" busy taking our pics. Hehehe..once i see there are around 6~7 DSLR, i immediately keep my digicam and dowan show it..hahaha..

Later we moved to food court for lunch.At there, they keep taking pics before ordered for food..LOL...i guess i gonna join d gang soon when i getting myself a DSLR XD..

We chill at food court for around 1 hour and then Zhao suggested to continue at Starbucks. We went to both Starbucks store inside PV but obviously the outlet couldn't occupied the amount people of us..LOL...i guess Zhao kinda frustrated and the way to cheers every1 else was to camwhore around again XD..haha

Later we walk back to lower ground and ended up standing on the middle stair, watching people playing F1 game. The guard there seem pissed off on us and keep asking us not to stand nor sit on the stair..LOL..all of us kinda pissed. We couldn't get a place to chill around..Coffee Bean and DOME was full wif human being...later, our main character finally reached! Jess! Zhao brought her to us.

At the instant she reach, she straight away camwhore with others nuffnanger, LOL..After every1 assemble, final pics was taken. At 1st they asked the reception counter lady to do d job, but for some reason i dunno why she refuse. Ended up every1 display their DSLR on reception counter table and set timer for d group pics..LOL..i saw d lady kinda shock see their action..LOL!!

After took d final pics, Jeffro, Suresh and Alex went back while me, Kwong Fei, Vun and Bernard went for movie, accompanied by Kaichi for 30 min,LOL..the rest group stay at DOME for chilling.

Well tats d noon part for my blogger gathering. For my night part u may click here for references.

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seem like they less organize event at penang. Penang blogger no luck :(

Jackie Loi said...

ahaha..u can ask some1 organize it what..LOL

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mknace said...

nice TT

Jackie Loi said...

@jess jess jess jess! LOL

@nace haha thx =D

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