Friday, March 06, 2009

Phone Fair

Phone Fair
Venue : Platinum Walk
Time : 10am~10pm
Date : 5th~8th March 2008

As the info, there was a Phone Fair at platinum walk, near my house. So i went to have a look today because they said those phone got up to 70% discount. WOW! Imagine samsung omnia discount 70%...i straight away sell my G900 and get one for tat XD..hahha..but too bad nothing is beautiful this world. As chinese said, "pin tou yap kam tai ko kap na chui kai tiu la"..LOL!

i went to have a look and kinda disappointed. Mostly the stall selling I-Mobile and CSL brand phone. i dunno this brand is malaysia or china brand..but i can guarentee tat phone is lauya 1 XD..their design also copy other brand phone..well nothing much interesting..i juz walk there not more than 20 min and lost interest to walk anymore..i dun felt any cheap on those phone as d price was almost d same wif outside price..LOL

BTW, i got invitation to join Premiere Screening of Dragonball Evolution‏ by nuffnang! Thanks to my Guru! IF you guys still remember d KaMeHaMeHa pose by my Guru =D..

Since i got pair tics for that and luckily joe willing to go wif me =)..Wee..cantw ait to see all blogger on tat nite =D

p/s dad send my baby myvi to "hospital" adi..she'll be discharge on next mon..cantw ait to c her! lonely without her around me...